Socks – Finished!!!!

I have been good. 

Very, very good in fact. 

 Despite temptations from all directions of wool and lovely patterns I have been very good and stuck to my promise of not starting any more knitted projects.

I finished these Thursday evening and am very proud of them.  There is a slight knitted pattern in them. I started with the intention of knitting them in a lace pattern but it wasn’t working with the wool so I abandonded the idea, pulled back the nearly four inches I had knitted to the bottom of the cuffs and knitted them in plain stocking stitch.  The tiny bit of pattern I left I really liked so I repeated it further down the socks.  Unfortuantely  I didn’t realise until I tried them on that the second stripe of pattern also corresponds with the fattest part of my ankle…sigh.  Still no one will notice with the stripes being so “out there”…vbg.

For the life of me I can’t find the ball band but I’m pretty sure they are “Online” Supersocke wool which is a dream to knit with and they are super comfy which is just what I need today because after a week of 30 degree tempretures it has turned cold and windy and it is raining which also means that the locusts that are plaguing us at the moment are not flying/hopping/splattering on windscreens.

Now to resist the tempation of the Polly Jean sock pattern which I have printed out, written out the cuff pattern from the chart and hidden away in the box that holds my sock wool so I cannot hear it calling my name. 



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