No not the kind of worms that aren’t mentioned in polite company…….but compost worms.

Little wriggly bundles of goodness that will eat scraps, pee liquid gold (worm pee) and their castings will be a valuable addition to my garden.

I spent time on the weekend making a worm farm out of a plastic box with holes drilled in the lid for ventalation and two more holes drilled in the base with a funnel attached so the worm wee could drip into a soft drink bottle for easy collection.

I will admit I felt pretty darn proud of myself when it was all done as I did all the work with no supervision from Ashley….vbg.

There are lots of places you can buy compost worms but I bought mine from Organic Earth Solutions.  No affils and all that stuff  but I searched the net and found they were the cheapest with free delivery plus the worms were sent express so there was no delay and possible deaths by being in transit for too long.  I ordered them Sunday lunchtime and they arrived this morning  -much to the amusement of my post office lady as I was doing the happy dance at the sight of the box.  Can you tell that little things get me excited….vbg.

One more link in the chain to growing my own organic vegies has been completed.  With the warmer weather and showers of rain the veg that I have in are doing super well.  Carrots are popping up everywhere.  Silver beet, lettuce, English Spinach, self sown celery and cress are all growing.  There are capsciums that are nearly ready to pick and one self sown tomatoe is doing well.  It’s still only about 6 inches high but I’m hopefully with the addition of some plastic frost protection I may be able to nurse it through the winter and get early tomatoes next summer.  Time will tell.  A new vegie garden bed (photos still to be taken) was constructed on the weekend and the other bed where I dumped heaps of compost is looking good all ready for next springs planting.

2 thoughts on “Worms!!!!!!

  1. Very cool. I thought about worms but didn’t want them in the kitchen and it’s too cold during the winter to keep them outside. I guess I could have them in the basement but given my lack of being on a schedule I’d probably just kill them off.

  2. Okay—-sorry hun…..but I really only have one thing to say…..


    We have our own compost pile utilizing our lovely horse & chicken “droppings,” but I haven’t heard of a “worm farm” before—thanks for sharing!

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