Finished Mini Cape

Finished, originally uploaded by Calidores Gardener.

Does finishing off one item on my list mean I’m on a roll???

Furthermore does making Nicola finish off her Mini Cape mean I’m on a roll??????

Regardless there is one less UFO or WISP floating around my house.

With some quick instructions Nicola finished off her Cape with tassels using some of the wools I had used in crocheting it and the best news is she loves it!!!!

Horray……….. a win for Mum.

This is the top that she will be wearing with it (under protest I made her put it on so we could get the full effect) with a black skirt.

Don’t mind the headless look. I was allowed to take a photo but had to chop off her head before I was allowed to blog it. Maybe a bit of head chopping might be the answer to all the fights that have been happening around the breakfast table of late……hmmmmmm.

Back to knitting – I’m working on my socks – no more than a few rows to do on each one and I can start the toes. No spinning has taken place nor has any knitting happened on the vest.

I’ve been very good and am not counting the fact that I printed out the Polly Jean sock pattern and have discovered it’s charted….. : – ( … now will have to sit down and write out the charts before I even think about proceeding…..which of course I won’t until I get other items finished. You believe me……….don’t you??????


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