No More Knitted Projects

I’m putting myself on a knitting project diet. 

 At last count there were:

1.  Socks which are a little over half done – I’m knitting both at the same time.  Progress is steady but I will be glad to get them done.

2.  A Ripple Stitch crocheted Afghan for my Mum.  It was to be this years birthday present but has been given a repreave (wish I could spell)  and will have to be done by next June ready for her 70th birthday.  At the moment it’s 50/50 as to whether I will have it done in time.

3.  A hand spun brown alpaca shawl to wear at home. It’s plain and simple and surprisingly thick and warm and I would finish it but I have to spin some more alpaca in order to do that and I just haven’t found time to sit at the spinning wheel – yet!!!

4.  The Tertto Shawl – progress has ground to a halt due to lack of time and extreme tiredness (working with Ashley three full days does that to me…sigh) and concentration levels are not at their best.

5.  The Vest that I am knitting as a knit a long with Lise from The Chocolate Cat.  At least I’m seeing progress on this  – 18 cm (7 inches) of the back have been knitted I have to have 31 or thereabouts knitted before I can begin casting off for the armholes.

Then what should happen but I borrowed this book from the Library….

There are quite a few very interesting projects in the book and lots of advice on just giving into the creative urge and knitting or crocheting away, regardless of the finished shape, to create something memorable and different and “out there”.  Got to admit I love the concept – every now and then I think it’s good for me to break free of the mold and try something different – not to mention it’s a fantastic way to use up scraps..vbg.  If you can find it in your local library it’s well worth a look – you never know what you might be inspired by.

Nicola saw this Mini Cape about the same time I did and we both fell in love with it.

It fits the bill nicely as something she can wear that is vaguely 70’s style for Ashley’s 40th.  Nicola has a long black skirt to wear with a turquoise coloured top so we choose wools to go with the top and here it is all pinned and drying nicely. 

 Don’t mind the messy side with threads hanging – I haven’t  woven in the ends yet.  There are still tassels to be attached and whatever else Nicola thinks is needed.

It was a  fast and easy project.  All single crochet or treble crochet (or was it double I forget now) which is super easy and I had the whole thing crocheted in just one afternoon.  Now that’s my kind of  project.

So having fessed up about all the projects I have on  I will not think about this gorgeous scarf that Jodie knitted.  Even thought I have the perfect wool to knit it in.  Nor will I contemplate more socks or sock patterns despite all that beautiful sock wool I dyed not long ago.  Annnnnd I definately will not be cruising around Raverly trying not to drool over new patterns that just jump of my computer screen at me screaming “KNIT ME – NOW!!!!!”

Instead I will be good.  I Will finish what I have started before I begin anything new.  I may do some spinning – cause  I have to, not cause I want  I may even drool over the wool I have at the moment but I will NOT buy more wool nor will I start anything new.

I get the feeling that I won’t be able to hold out for long….sigh.


3 thoughts on “No More Knitted Projects

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