The Best Day

On Saturday I travelled to two hours to Bendigo to meet up with Lise from The Chocolate Cat.  Normally I am so nervous at meeting new people but  I wasn’t in the slightest at the thought of meeting Lise. Some thing told me we would get on well together and get on we did.  Honestly we are so alike on so many different levels  it was scary…vbg.  We both liked similar colours.  Both liked to laugh and talk and laugh some more. Both of us have the same phones – hers is red and mine is silver and we both have the same ring tone to let us know there is a new sms waiting to be read.  How cool is that?  Of course there were heaps of other things we agreed on and talked about but I won’t include them all here.   Click on the above link to see not only a photo of the two of us but also read Lise’s version of our day.

We met at Spotlight and it was like we had known each other for years.  Shopping came naturally to us and I shamelessly encouraged Lise to indulge in fat quarters and to buy up big …vbg….all the time feeling fairly smug that I had been very strict with myself and only bought five fat quarters.  The knife and fork ones with matching fat quarters are destined to become some placemats I think.

On to have a coffee/tea and share a muffin. More chatting and laughter. It was midday before we left to go to the Woolen Mills.  There were a few people in the shop there but they left soon after we arrived.  Did they know what we were like I wondered afterwards. 

 Lise had her revenge on my earlier encouragement of her shopping as I left the mills with way more than I thought but feeling strangely satisfied that there is enough wool and wool tops to keep me going for quite some time….lol.  One bag of the wool tops is a wool/nylon mix – super soft that I am hoping to spin (one day) into some very fine sock wool as I think it will wear rather well.  I also got some very fine wool that was selling out cheap that I can ply together to possibly knit some socks with or maybe some other, as yet unknown, project.

We both decided (after encourageing each other) to buy this pattern and some wool and knit this vest.  Both of us figured that by knitting it at the same time we could encourage each other to continue.  I did suggest we buy the same colour wool and dress as twins but then we thought that might be a bit too scary…vbg.  So my vest is green (aka Luxury 8 ply “Bracken”)  and Lise’s is blue.


I also bought two balls of “Parchment” and two of “Denim Cotton” 8 ply cotton to knit two shawls.  The “Parchment” is to be used for the Fan Shawl I have been itching to knit while the “Denim Cotton” is destined to become an Agrosy Shawl.  It was so good having Lise there as someone to help me choose colours and to give me her opinion.  Makes it so much easier when you are a bit undecided and all you know is you want one white/off white shawl and one in blue.


Of course no day is complete without a small gift. I made Lise a bag and a Doll pincushion that she is going to pin her brooches too.  Dopey me forgot to take a photo so you will have to wait until Lise takes one.  I was thoroughly spoilt and was given a beautiful stitchery designed by Robyn Allen-Waters called “Smell the Roses”  Lise aso included a skein of the Cottage  Garden Threads that everyone has been talking about in the most beautiful colours. 

Naturally no day is complete without making plans for another meeting.  We figure if we meet up at least once every three months that will help to keep us sane…vbg.  Look out Jodie, Rachel and Annie it looks like Ballarat is our next port of call and of course we  will be wearing our vests just so you know we are together…vbg.




3 thoughts on “The Best Day

  1. Marvellous Catherine it sounds like you two had the perfect day and I love the picture of both of you over on Lise’s site. Love all the goodies as well. Interesting that your balls of yarn are round, we don’t have any that shape over here unless they are tiny ones that are somewhat flattened. Excited to see how the wool tops turn out.

  2. How wonderful Catherine, that you both had such a wonderful day. I have one of these coming up with two ladies (sisters) who I have met on stitchinfingers. this weekend they are coming to visit and I am really excited. One of them Barb, is the twin I should have had I think.

    Isn’t it wonderful they way we can meet and become such good friends with people so far away through stitching.

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