Just in case you were wondering Supervision has reached an all time high in my household.

I’m used the the kids, dogs or cat wandering in to see what I’m doing in the sewing room but this was just taking things a bit too far.

I have been making new seat covers for the bus when Jess wandered in.

As I wouldn’t share my sewing chair he decided to sit on top of the bus seat.

Then he noticed I was actually doing something vaguely like sewing.

Goodness that thread moves – I had better chew on it.

Bugger – Mum is still sewing. I’ll pinch the reel of thread and chew on that.

If you ever had the urge to  try sewing while dodging cats claws and using cat salived thread – DON”T.   It’s not pleasant!!!!!

Needless to say after all that I got the evil eye when I took him off his “throne” to put the cushion with the others.

Some people animals are never satisfied.

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