….Wednesday (last week) James went on camp and I missed him heaps.

………Thursday both Elise and Nicola were home in bed with the flue…..sigh.

………….Friday – James came home from camp tired, happy and full of stories to tell.  Apparently he prefers boogie boarding to surfing cause he could actually manage boogie boarding..vbg.  The girls spent yet another day in bed sick.

………………Saturday I pottered around and began knitting the Tetturo Shawl.  I found some wool – well acrylic actually – in my stash and it’s knitting up beautifully. Sorry about the rotton photo.

It’s just a pity it isn’t wool as that would make it perfect but it’s pretty darn close.  Don’t be put off by the pattern if you are tempted. It really is easy but don’t try to knit a row if you have kids or hubby trying to tell you something “important”…..you will only end up frogging what you just knitted…..sigh.

……………………..Sunday I mowed lawns, spread chip bark mulch, rotary hoeed up a new bed, cleaned some alpaca ready to spin…………….

………….and sat outside and spun – lots!!!!!  My asssitant was ever ready to check that my yarn was a consistant size.

……………Monday I cleaned the house and worked on some socks that have been on the needles for months.

……………Tuesday James was home sick with the flue and I hand dyed some sock and 8 ply yarn.

The three skeins on the right hand side are all the same as I want to knit a lace shawl with them.  Just trying to decide which pattern to use and with close to 900 metres I have a lot of deciding to do.  The middle two skeins are 8 ply wool and destined to become yet another tea cosy while the two skeins on the left are for socks. 

…………..and so it’s Wednesday again.  All three children are at school, floors are vacummed, cakes for afternoon tea are cooked, Last load of laundry is nearly done, shopping list is started and I have a whole day to play.



2 thoughts on “On……….

  1. Sounds like you’ve had it with sickness, I’ll bet it feels good to have all the children recovered and back in school. I still say you’re like the US Marines, you get more done by 6:30 than most people do all day, lol.
    Your skeins look pretty hanging on the line, and the blue shawl is going to be a beauty.

  2. Wonderful Catherine I love your dyed yarn. I’m really going to give this a try as you’ve inspired me the problem is when, lol. I still have a ton of yarn waiting to be made up in bins but it’s good to see yours and the projects you’re making with it. This way I can live vicariously through you.

    Love the shawl as well. For some reason I see Elise begging it off of you does she like blues?

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