My Baby is at Camp

Five thirty start this morning to get James to the bus for camp.  All of his year level are heading down to Lorne on the coast for a three day camp.

 There has been great excitement on James’s part as they are learning to surf, checking out rock pools and going for bush walks.  Apparently the camp is right on the beach so I’m predicting a suitcase full of dirty clothes and lots of sand and shells when he gets home Friday night. 

Packing was a challenge.  James is notorious for not putting his clothes either out to wash or away when they are washed.  Not a problem according to James – he did seriously ask me if one pair of jocks was enough to get him through three days of camp????  Work that one out.   Ohh and rest assured he has been sent off with a full compliment of underwear, socks and other necessities.

Of course while the mouse is away Mumma Mouse will set to and clean up his room.  How on earth one small boy can have so much “stuff” has me beat – but at least it’s all tidy and the room thoroughly vacummed and it will stay that way at least until he gets home.

While I was on a roll the rest of the house has been vacummed and floors washed.  I have lost count of how many loads of washing I have done or still have to do.  Even the bath rooms have been cleaned, the weeks menu sorted and the shopping list organised. I think I’m on a roll!

Actually I have been feeling a bit guilty with the amount of spinning I have been doing and the searching on Raverly of new and interesting things to knit.  There is heaps of inspiration out there but alas my knitting skills and time are a bit limited.  Still I have found this  shawl which I am determined to make.  It’s the Panda Silk Fan Shawl.  Absolutely stunning and easy, despite the look of the pattern.  You only knit each fan section one at a time then join in the next fan section by picking up stitches and casting on some more.  Confusing I know but check it out – it’s not as hard as it looks.  I have been playing around with the pattern in both 8 ply and 4 ply cotton and the general consensus (in other words when the kids glanced at it) is that I will knit it in 8 ply Bendigo Woolen Mills cotton possibly a cream colour.  White I think would be too stark for this shawl.

Then, just because I was on a roll and still searching for patterns I found this Agrosy Shawl on Knitting in a Happy Camper.  This is defiantely on the list of things to knit – lovely 8 ply cotton again from the Bendigo Woolen Mills. Not sure what colour yet but I can see it being worn with a t-shirt and jeans so maybe a soft blue.   If you aren’t into knitting a shawl the Agrosy Scarf can be found here at Knitty

I nearly forgot to put in the link to the vest I want to crochet.  The Vestivus Vest (scroll down the page a bit when you go to look at it for the pattern) is easy and I think will be fairly quick to make.  I tried the pattern in 8 ply cotton but it wasn’t “solid” enough to support the pattern – wool however was ideal.  Again I’m thinking of  cream 8 ply wool from the Bendigo Woolen Mills. Can you tell I love that place…vbg.  I want it to wear for Ashley’s 40th which is in mid June so I need to get a move on with that one. Might have to buy the wool first though me thinks.

Off to hang out yet another load of washing and so some more sorting. I need to prioritise what I need to make and I think some serious list making is in order.  Heaven knows if I will actually follow the list but at least  I will have some idea on what I have thought I might like to achieve.

2 thoughts on “My Baby is at Camp

  1. Hope James has a great time at camp. Must be a boy thing, I have had bags of all clean clothes return home!!! Gosh you have had your running shoes on with the housework, enjoy making your lists especially the wishlist for Bendigo woollen mill!!!

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