How to Move A Shed

One:    Use a very large concrete truck, three builders and two electricians and pour and smooth out the slab.  Let the builders yell at the pigeon that was about to land on their pristine (well as pristine as you can get concrete to be) slab  and stay well out of the way but offer cofee and homemade biscuits as often as possible.

Two:  Spend a day and a half moving out all the treasures/crap that have accumulated in the shed in the past 11 years it has been in that position.  As James said “How come Mum you and Dad kept all that s@#t”.  Well Son,  I don’t appreciate your language but you’re right – most of it is “s$%t”………….

………and now it’s residing at the tip – where the Recycling Scavengers (aka The Men Who Work There) are busy pawing though your trash before you have even driven out of the tip all so that anything good can be sold in the tip shop.  Sorry guys if you were hoping to hit the jackpot you are sorely dissappointed in what we threw out.  Honestly if it had been fixable/useable/wantable (is that a word???) we would have kept it.

Three: After making sure all the bolts that have held the shed in place these past few years are unscrewed drive in a scissor lift and proceed to lift the shed.

Four:  To actually move a shed sucessfully while using a scissor lift you need one electrican, one very stressed mother/wife/slave, one teenage girl, one welder/jack of all trades and one gas delivery man.

Five: Quickly drink a glass of very good red wine, offer the men a beer and proceed with screwing the shed down to the new slab then buy fish and chips for tea as you are too knackered to do anything else.

Six: Try not to think about tomorrow cause you know it’s going to take all day to get what remaining treasure/crap back into the shed while The Man of The Shed works out how to put up the roller door onto said shed as he has decided that would make a better door and be easier on everyone to use.


4 thoughts on “How to Move A Shed

  1. It looks good. Love the size of your shed, of course this is coming from a girl who doesn’t own one. Every year I feebly ask if it would be a good idea to put up a shed and every year I get a non-commital reply, which I suppose in itself means no.

  2. So, how far did you have to move the shed? And that scissor lift looks like the best way to do it! (And only in the Mallee could OH&S regs require beer and red wine for this sort of work!!!).
    Where did you get your Most Very Useful trailer? Would love one like that for moving Little Red to racetracks instead of having to hire dodgy ones each time (Easter we are going to Bathurst, gulp).

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