Tea Cosy Suffering from a Bad Hair Day

Today’s random photo – just because I’m having one of those days – is the tea cosy I finished last night.

It was knitted using the Hand Spun Alpaca that I jelly dyed a few weeks ago.

It started off being a Sea Theme tea cosy as I was aiming for colours of the sea when I dyed it.  As you can see it changed considerably.  The wool was just far too pretty to hide behind other things so pom poms were made and sewn on much to James’s pleasure as he declared a tea cosy isn’t a tea cosy unless it has pom poms on it.  Work that one out if you can.

Got to love the way the colours worked together when they are knitted up.  It’s one of the things I love most about dyeing my own wool – I never know what I’m going to get and I know I will always end up with an individual skein of wool which will never be reproduced unlike mass produced wool.


6 thoughts on “Tea Cosy Suffering from a Bad Hair Day

  1. Lovely Catherine and I use the one you made me all the time. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in keeping the tea warm the first time I used it.

  2. You did well with a sea theme. I love the urchin on top, sorry James, not a pom pom this time, but a sea urchin nestling in weed on the sea floor.

    Hmm…fish and chips would go well with this.

    Just beautiful Catherine.

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