Happy Birthday Elise

I know time passes quickly but honestly it only seems yesterday since I held this tiny precious girl in my arms.

Elise, just two days old, being held by her Great Grandfather (my Pa) with Great Grandma looking on.  They would be so incredibly proud of her.

Today Elise is 17 years old.

“Portrait” photo I had taken as gifts for Christmas the year Elise was born.

Some things never change though.

Her smile that can still light up the entire world – or at the very least our world.

Elise and Bill.  From the first day we bought Elise home from hospital she was Bill’s girl.

Her baking ability….fine tuned from an early age.

Elise at least now cleans up her mess.


Her sense of fashion was highly developed at a very young age.  Thankfully the styles aren’t quite as radical now…although Elise does have her moments…….vbg.

No matter what happens or how many arguments they have one thing is certain.  

 Elise will always be Dad’s girl.

Happy 17th Darling.

You are the light of  our lives.

Mum, Dad, Nicola and James.



7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elise

  1. Happy Birthday Elise! Love all the photos – I’m sure Elise doesn’t!!! Gosh the first one brought back memories with the ‘wire’ basket in hospital!!! Think the clear plastic ones are much nicer now! Was there cake to celebrate?

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Elise… May you have a wonderful new year full of lovely surprises…. You are blessed to have such a loving family… Now only such a short journey to your 18th!!!!

  3. I hope your birthday made you as happy, Elise, as you have made your family for the past 17 years. Have a wonderful year being 17…..getting ready for the big 18th next year.

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