Jelly Dyed Hand Spun Alpaca

I wish I could say I was as motivated as the last time I posted – but not so.  A week of working with Ashley while the apprentice was at Trade School has serverely curtailed my crafting time.  Today was spent catching up on the most exciting of jobs – housework, washing, ironing  aaaaannnnnnnndddddd  cleaning toilets and bathrooms!!!  See – excitement plus at my house…vbg.

Tomorrow is a trip to Cohuna for the Spinners and Weavers.  As always I’m running behind on what Iwant to take to work on.   Most of the ladies in the group all spin – but none of us take out spinning to the meetings.  Instead we all work on whatever project falls to hand the fastest as we dash out the door.  Kind of wonder just why we call ourselves Spinners and Weavers come to think of it.  

 I had a brain wave Friday that I wanted to knit a tea cosy with a sea theme using hand dyed, hand spun wool.  Fantastic idea – trouble was I couldn’t find the alpaca that I had spun a couple of weeks ago.  Sucess at last – of course it was the last box I looked in.   Isn’t that always the way?

Today I jelly dyed the skein using blue jelly and green and watermelon Kool Aid.  I mixed a packet of each colour with one cup of hot water  then blended colours until I had what I thought I wanted.  Sqeezed out the alpaca skein (it was resting in vinegar) and “cooked” each section of the skein for approx 10 mins in a boiling pot of dye.  Not too bad – the blue is lovely and the greens not bad – but am a bit unsure of the coral/pink colour. I will have to see how it knits up.

The good news is my show entries are all done and packed up ready to take as are the table runners for the groups show entry.  At least I’m organised on that department now just to remember to put them in the car in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Jelly Dyed Hand Spun Alpaca

  1. It looks fabulous – and unless your camera and my computer are lying that coral colour goes beautifully with the other two.
    Must try doing this. But I shant cos I do not want to go down the spinning/dyeing/knitting road. Enough with what I already do…
    Or maybe not…

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