I’m Impressed

Ok so far I have managed to wake up late – only 15 minutes – cause I forgot to set the alarm but it’s enough to make getting to school and work on time a little tricky – however we did manage.

I have worked all morning with Ashley.  So much for the cool weather. It’s hot and humid – unless you happen to be the builders who have a fan set up to blow on them even though they are working outdoors and in a slight nature created breeze – and pretty uncomfortable.

I have come home to bake some small cakes for afternoon tea, hang out a load of washing and do another load, scrub bathrooms (sort of), vacumm floors and shake out mats.  Ohh and I even managed to dust a few bits and peices.

What impresses me most – apart from the fact that I have actually managed to get some jobs done today- is that yesterday I finished sewing down the table topper binding for the group show entry, quilted and sewn down the binding on another larger table topper/small quilt that is an option for the group show entry…………


….have the binding machined on this quilt………

and have time this afternoon to begin hand sewing it down. 

Plus – just to add to the general feeling of well being – I have pulled out another quilt, backing and batting and have it draped over the gammill ready to pin it on and begin quilting as soon as I find time to take a breath.  Got to admit it does feel good getting things done.    Throw in several heavy showers of rain last night and some spectacular thunderstorms and the week is shaping up to be interesting and a bit frantic if nothing else.

In yesterdays post I did mention that I was having trouble with Bloglines.  Apparently I’m not the only one as several have commented that they are also having troubles.  Got to admit as sorry as I am that there are problems – I’m glad it’s not just me.  I thought I had done something wrong there for a while but apparently not.  Just hope they bodies at Bloglines fix the problem sooner rather than later.


7 thoughts on “I’m Impressed

  1. Lovely lovely quilt!!!
    I am trying to figure out what to make as a give-away for my blogaversary. Have to come up with something to give away cos I have announced it to the world.
    Should be pulling out material As We Speak – but am really still thinking of a pattern. This one looks good!!!
    Hugs, and hope you get some rain on Thursday – Autumn break already, hooray!
    Hugs, xxxxx

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