Bloglines Problems and Life

Hi All

Sorry – I disappreared off the face of the blogging world yet again.

I’ve been busy getting my entries ready for the Cohuna Show – which the Spinning and Weaving group announced to me at the meeting at the beginning of February. No problems I thought I have plenty of time to get a few things done – no so!!  The Cohuna Show is the 19th and 20th of March – which means I have to have everything ready by the meeting at the beginning of March as one of the girls in Cohuna will put my entries in for me.  I’m not a competative person.  I just can’t work out what the compulsion is to win or at least try to win anything.  It just doesn’t interest me in the slightest – but I have been persuaded to enter some items in the show if nothing else to support the local show and the spinning group. Now I guess I will have to enter a few entries in the Swan Hill Show just to balance up the ledger a bit.  At least Swan Hill’s show isn’t until October which gives me a bit more time.

I had the last week off work as the apprenctice was back from his prebooked holiday – which we knew about before we put him on.  This coming week he is at Trade School so it looks like I will be donning my work uniform again and praying for cooler weather as we appear to be busy. So much for any plans to do some gardening if the weather turns cool.  I did manage to get the lawns/weeds mown the other day so I guess that is one step in the right direction.

Ohh and the big news is I managed to get a quilt quilted!!!  Yes a shock I know after months of not doing any quilting – but one is done – mainly because I need the gammill to quilt another larger table runner which could end up as a group entry in the Cohuna Show.  Must admit it felt good to get back to quilting after what seems like months of spinning and knitting.  Since it’s already hot and the wind is blowing I might just have to get the next quilt on the gammill and quilted – just so I have an excuse to stay under the air conditioning…vbg.

If anyone uses Bloglines to keep track of the blogs they follow can they let me know if they are having problems with it please?   I  seem to be missing entries from blogs that I read everyday – to the point that it isn’t even uploading the latest entries anymore which is disappointing and frustrating as it has been brilliant over the past years that I have used it. I can’t find anywhere on the web that there are problems or that they have been fixed so am not sure if it’s my computer or just me.  At the moment I’m using Google Reader to check the blogs I read but if anyone knows of another way to read blogs (other than just opening each blog individually which I just don’t have time for) please let me know. 

Off to have a very late breakfast and think about starting my day.



8 thoughts on “Bloglines Problems and Life

  1. I had no no no idea that you were a Gammill owner! I recently have been inspired to research mid-arm machines and spent a good 3-4 hours looking online last night. How long have you had your Gammill?
    I’m SO jealous!

  2. I am glad you mentioned Bloglines issue….I read 350 blogs and not one updated all day????? Obviously, Bloglines has got something going on!

  3. Gosh you have been busy! So the apprentice is back?? Bloglines is driving me mad!!! There have been little problems over the last few weeks but now the same is happening for me as for you, not updating for days or not updating at all!!!!

  4. Can’t help with the bloglines issue but it seems you are not alone. I use Blogger and just have a blogroll on my page, although it doesn’t update with the frequency I would like.

  5. I was looking online for a solution to this issue, since I’m having it as well. I haven’t found a solution yet, but I’m glad to know it’s not just me having problems.

  6. I recently moved by blog from WordPress to Blogger (for many reasons). One of the things I am loving about Blogger is that I can keep track of the blogs I follow a bit easier and see who has posted something new without actually going to their blog first.

  7. You may not be competitive but I’m betting that having your name in the shows is helping to provide motivation to get unfinished stuff finished. Awesome idea.

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