Another Table Runner

In between coping with the high humidity that Swan Hill, and apparently most of Australia is experiencing at the moment, I have been busy working with Ashley and in the spare five minutes I can find have been busy trying to get some sewing done ready for the Cohuna Show.

The girls in my Spinning and Weaving group asked me to sew something for their group entry. Apparently they need five or six things, I forget just how many, and they must be off different mediums/techniques.  As my spinning and knitting isn’t quite up to scratch….roflmol….sewing was the answer.

Hopefully this is what the girls are after.  It’s the ever reliable pattern from Quiltbug – Free Table Topper Quilt Pattern.  I don’t know how many times I have made this pattern or for that matter recommended it to other who want something fast, simple but visually stunning to make.  I still have to quilt and bind it but at least the main sewing is done.


6 thoughts on “Another Table Runner

  1. Gorgeous table runner, I’m sure your group will just love it!!! Loving the dying in the previous post… I’ve been itching to give this a go for ages, thanks for the book review, I’ll see if my local library can get it in for me…

    Jodie 🙂

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