Help – It’s Friday!!!

I know that we have actually had five whole days since the children went back to school but I’m not exactly sure where the days have gone.

Monday – peace at last.  All three were more than happy to be returning to school and catching up with their friends.

The dogs and I noticed the silence for a whole 10 minutes before we rejoiced and I carried on with housework while Ajax and Milly spent time sleeping undisturbed.

Tuesday – Spinners and Weavers meeting at Cohuna.  I didn’t achieve much while I was there but I did enjoy the other ladies company and it was nice to catch up on what everyone was doing. I came home with one or two sewing projects would you believe for the group that I have to have done by March’s meeting.  They are fairly simple so whipping them up will be easy – just as soon as I find time.

I arrived home from Cohuna to find the fabric I had ordered from Thousands of Bolts in the States had arrived.  I bought mainly neutrals as I have plenty of colours in the drawers already.  There was one peice that I just had to buy though.

I only bought a yard of this gorgeous fabric – who could resist it when there is Chocolate written all over it…vbg – now I’m wishing I had bought a bit more.  Some of it is destined to be made into little bags to hold chocolates for swaps and friends.  Notsure what  I will do with the rest – drool over it maybe.

Wednesday – more domestic duties.  A few bills to pay down the street then I came home to bottle plums and boil up some onion skins and carrot tops (the leaves) so I could dye some more wool.

All eight bottles sealed – a bit of a miracle around here as at least one won’t seal.  What was left of the plums was stewed up and I made it into plum crumble for tea that night.  Super yum!!

Thursday – after an entire 4 hours of sleep – was spent shopping for groceries – in the rain!!!!!!!!!!!  By the time I came home I was only capable of  pottering around so I got stuck in and did some more spinning of the black alpaca that I had started a while ago.

Spinning, for me anyway, is a bit like meditating. My mind just wanders down no particular path and the only thing I have to concentrate on is feeding the wool into the bobbin and keeping the wheel moving. Bliss.  Two bobbins are now full – one is skeined  and is drying as I type while the other is waiting it’s turn.  I feel a pair of fingerless mittens might be the right project for this wool.

Friday – our apprentice is on holidays – one he had prebooked before we took him on so we didn’t feel that we should stop him taking the week off.  I went to work with Ashley today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not that I did much – we had to drive to Goodnight (40 minutes from Swan Hill)  to check out what needed to be done to possibly upgrade the power supply to a fruit growers shed. It took only about an hour and we were given a lovely box of nectarines fresh off the tree as a bonus.  I took some knitting for filling in those moments when Ashley didn’t need me and got a bit done.  It was a lovely restful morning.  This afternoon I have washed and acutally got clothes dry – a vast difference from yesterday – not that I’m complaining the rain was wonderful and quite heavy.  I have also been dyeing more wool with onion skins and carrot tops and I’m going to experiment with cochineal food dye – just to see what colours I can get.

The weekend – undecided yet.  Possibly both Ashley and I will be working on two transportable  houses that need “fitting off” ie screwing on powerpoints, light fittings etc before they are moved next week.  Murrabit market is on but I don’t think we will end up getting there on Saturday and it depends on the weather as it feels like more rain might be on the way.

Roll on next week.  At some stage I might start to catch up – as if!!!

4 thoughts on “Help – It’s Friday!!!

  1. Wow, you got a lot done. I’m surprised you fit in even 4 hours of sleep, lol. Your fabrics are beautiful, and your plums make me want my breakfast, they look so good.

  2. The rain sounds exciting, glad that you got some. Beautiful fabric from my favorite site, I’ve resisted ordering from them as I have piles waiting to be used up.

    The plums look interesting, the jars that is. Our mason jars are screw bands so look different. Well I should say most of them have the screw bands for lids. A friend orders from a actual bottlers so I guess those kinds are available if you know where to find them. (Think store brand jars with a pop lid).

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