A Fuzzy Mind

It’s a day for the fuzzies today.  In fact my mind feels like it has all this cobweb draped over it at the moment. 

I had to have Elise at work at 8 am this morning so after dropping her off I tackled some of the grocery shopping.  Came home, unloaded, put on a load of washing then went back down the street with James in tow for the banking, mail and rest of the shopping.

It’s hard this year to know what to get Nicola for her lunches as she can’t bite down on anything hard with her braces. At home it’s easy – 2 minute noodles, scrambled eggs,home made soup – but school is going to be tricky.  We have decided to trial yogurt and containers of fruit for her lunches (normally she takes a sandwhich or roll and fruit and biscuits) and I will have filling things like homemade soup for her when she gets home to tide her over until tea is ready.  The Othodonist rang yesterday to see how she was going and to ask if there were any problems. It was nice to be able to give him a good report on how she was managing.

I did quite a bit of spinning yesterday – so relaxing.  Meditation almost.  For once I managed to get a really fine and consistently sized thread which I am super happy about. 

I should sew today but honestly can’t be bothered.  I do have James’s school bag to mend and he does need a haircut but that might be later today.

I am working on a crocheted afghan for my Mum for her birthday – but am feeling the need to grab some knitting needles and make a dishcloth instead. 

Like my lilac that had hidden it’s bloom from the sun – I feel the need to hibernate – just for today.  Tomorrow the cobwebs will be gone and I will get on with things again.


5 thoughts on “A Fuzzy Mind

  1. Hi Catherine. When I had braces my bite was really bad for a long time and I couldn’t manage most lunch food. I ate a lot of muffins or pull apart style food that you can tear up and eat. Lucky Ayden has no problem with his bite and he has been able to eat everything with braces, except for the day they are tightened. Good luck!

  2. The poor thing, I had braces too and I remember not being able to shut my mouth because of the pain when my teeth touched. It was the same every time I went back to have them tightened. Then I had elastic bands to pull my lower jaw in line with my top jaw… that hurt like hell! I hope they dont hurt too bad and make sure to use that wax they give you, it stops rubbing pretty well. 🙂
    You seem to be a busy bee lately, way more energy than I ever have!

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