Today’s Dilemma Is……..

Having spent more time down the street this morning getting the last few things for school and treating ourselves to a coffee/soft drink/bucket of chips the kids are now comfortably seated on the couch playing the Xbox.  I know a dreadful waste of time but honestly today I just don’t care.

My dilemma is do I spin some lovely black alpaca which I have just carded up…………………………

…………………or do I get stuck in and get this little quilt quilted now I finally have the gammill cleaned of all the crap that was sitting on it and it’s up and running.

I will confess to feeling a little weary not only from the trip down the street but also from the wheelbarrow load of pruning that  I did this morning and which is now mulched and residing in chopped up splendor in my compost bin.

Darn it – Spinning has won.  The idea of sitting on my butt with the rythmic sound of my spinning wheel doing it’s thing is far more attractive than the idea of standing in front of the gammill.

Off to make a cuppa, grab a few of the delicious biscuits that Elise made this morning then get stuck in.  Someone turn on the music – something soothing is the go. 


4 thoughts on “Today’s Dilemma Is……..

  1. Choices, choices, choices….they are good to have;) Love the spinning wheel, though I have never considered doing that sort of craft myself. I had a friend that did that, and the things she came up with were great.
    Happy Quilting!!!

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