Some Dedicated Sewing Time

It was far too hot and muggy today to spend too much time in the garden.  I did manage to get a few more weeds pulled but it was a bit like working in a bowl of water there was so much humidity in the air so  I gave up and came inside with the intention of finishing off a couple of quilt tops.

I had about half the blocks sewn together on the Brick Quilt and it really didn’t take that much longer to get the rest sewn and then sew them into rows.

I was taking this photo by lunchtime which wasn’t a bad effort I thought.  Check out the colour of the sky in the back ground.  It promised rain all day (in between sunshine) but we only had a few drops – not really worth getting excited about really.  Ohh before I forget this is the quilt-a-long that Ava is doing.  You can find the link to the quilt-a-long here at Ava  Landen: Modern Quilting.

 After lunch, a couple of cups of tea and a read of my new book I got stuck into the Hidden Spools quilt.  The blocks had been made for some time but I hadn’t found time, or to be honest motivation, to put them together.

My assistant was more than happy to sit on the quilt and hold it down for me as I sewed on the borders.  Trouble was he got grumpy when I wanted to move it and I got some very dirty looks by the time I was done – not to mention being subjected to quite a lot of tail swishing.

Despite the “help” I did manage to get this finished by quarter to five this afternoon and I’m quite pleased with the overall look.  For a while there I thought it might have been too busy but I don’t think it is.  I wasn’t sure too on the border fabric but it was the only dark colour I had in enough quantity to go around the quilt. A bit more used up from my stash.

Now there are two more tops keeping my cupboards warm until I find time to work out the backing fabric and quilt them.  I will not acknowledge the dozen or so quilts that are all organised to quilt….I just haven’t had the time, or motivation, or a gammill that isn’t covered in crap and started on them.  Perhaps when the kids go back to school.


6 thoughts on “Some Dedicated Sewing Time

  1. I love these two tops Catherine, what a wonderful job you’ve done on them. I’ve been working on a top as well but at a much slower rate than yourself.

    I think the dark border on the spools quilt is just right as it helps to tone down the busyness of the colours.

  2. Excuse me …exactly how many hours do you have in one day – I only have 24 and i waste a lot of them sleeping – how in the world can you do that in one day ???

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