To Bendigo and Back

Home again after a very nice and leisurely trip to Bendigo yesterday.  There was no choice about the leisurely part as the number of cars on the road doing 80 km/hr instead of 100 km/hr was unbelieveable.  Even with two fully loaded grain trucks behind one car there was no way the driver was pulling off to the side and letting the trucks though.  Instead they had to pass in convoy – not a pleasant sight I have to tell you. Nicola began to wonder if I was playing Leap Frog as I passed so many cars and no I wasn’t speeding. I set the cruise control for 100 km/hr and still caught up and passed with no problems.

Bendigo wasn’t as busy as I thought it might be.  We had a bit of therapy in Spotlight which is always very pleasant…vbg.  I must admit to being very disappointed with Spotlight this trip.  I bought fat quarters which I loved but there wasn’t lots to choose from and I was particuarly looking for a nice bit of fabric to make a simple dress but there was nothing.  Their dress fabric selection was very poor – nothing like it used to be even a couple of years ago.  Even the bridal section – which always seemed to have heaps – was right down on choices.  Perhaps sewing is on the way out I wondered then rounded the corner to find a full selection of sewing machines!!!  Work that one out.

Off to the Bendigo Market place for lunch. Nothing fancy – just chinese take away that we both love.  I had promised Nicola a really nice dress ring if she was very brave at the orthodontist so of course we had to go shopping for that.  We were in luck – all the jewelers had up 50% off sales so we got a lovely little ring with a purple stone – nice and simple and it looks lovely on her – for $70 less than normal price.  It will last her years and be a pleasant memory for when she had to get her braces.

Out to Lake Weroona to sit in the sunshine and have a little walk around the lake.  We really weren’t interested in doing much shopping and it was much more fun to count how many turtles we could see in the lake waters….vbg.  As always I forgot to take the camera so don’t even have photos.

Into the Orthodontist.  Barely had time to sit down before they called us in and started working on Nicola.  They even offered me a coffee or tea – I started to wonder then just how long it would take but we were only there for an hour.  Nicola did really well.  It didn’t really hurt but was it was akward as the Ortho had to bend one of the wires 90 degrees as one of her teeth is on such an angle.  Forget about the braces all being in a straight line – until her teeth start to move the braces and wires look like a really crooked fence.  Nicola even got a goodie bag full of dental products – including an electric toothbrush – all to help her maintain her teeth and the braces.

We were home by 6 pm to a lovely pizza tea.  Nicola had mashed veg though as her mouth was very sore by then.  By the time she was ready for bed she was in tears at the pain and is still asleep as I type this at 9.30 am.  I’m letting her sleep for as long as she needs to this morning.

Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes too.  It was so nice to check my emails last night and see  them all. I did have a lovely birthday – very quiet if you don’t count the driving and shopping – and was pleasantly spoilt by the family.  Now I’m just waiting on a couple of books to arrive that I ordered for my birthday and I’m done.  Ashley didn’t know what to get me so I bought the books I have been wanting for ages and told him they were my present…vbg.

Off to check the mail and see if my books have arrived.  Have a lovely day.



4 thoughts on “To Bendigo and Back

  1. A long day and not much fabric. Spotlight in Bendigo isnt all that good at the moment. Hope it improves. Honeysuckle Patchwork is just around the corner from there.

    Hope all goes well with Nicola and hope your books have arrived today.

    Oh and Happy Birthday too

  2. I know what you mean about Spotlight – I actually had a few hours there by myself a couple of weeks ago and was disapointed in the fabric selections – I actually bought that same cream swirly fq though – we must both have great taste

  3. Glad you had a good day Catherine and I hope Nicola’s teeth settle down for her. The girls always complained after getting them tightened for the first few days.

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