Braces And A Birthday

Today is my birthday.  

Another year gone and I just don’t remember so many of the passing days….vbg. 

Today is also the day that Nicola and I go to Bendigo so she can get her braces.

No doubt, by the time many  of you are reading this post, we will have either left home, arrived in Bendigo or be travelling home depending on where you live.

A leisurely trip is planned.

A little retail therapy is also planned.

A nice lunch somewhere – no doubt a food court as we will be to busy shopping to go anywhere else…lol… planned. 

At 2.30 pm we have to be at the Orthodontist then we will return home to pizza which Elise has said she will cook for tea.  I just hope Nicola can eat it.

The following morning I’m predicting a very looooong sleep in to make up for the lack of one today.


7 thoughts on “Braces And A Birthday

  1. A very happy birthday to you!! Ahh, the day the braces were put on…I remeber that like yesterday!! Good luck with all that and hope the day is great, Tracey

  2. I guess that I’m a day late, but Happy Birthday! Hope the day was mostly fun for you, and not too bad for Nicola. Maybe, we’ll see your retail therapy soon. Hope your therapy was fruitful.

  3. Hope all goes well in Bendigo. Nice shops to drop in on there. Was hoping to get there myself before school goes back.

    Good luck with the braces. And enjoy your pizza

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