Double Pointed Needles

I will admit, weird as it may seem, I have a real “thing” for Double Pointed Needles. 

Perhaps it’s the fact you can knit from either end with them. 

Perhaps it’s the actual knitting that intrigues me – after all no seams and you get to just to knit in garter stitch which ends up looking like stocking stitch.

Perhaps it’s the knitting round and round in a loop with no changing direction that gets me.  

Either way I love my DPN’s and when ever I see them in an op shop I just have to buy them just in case I don’t have that size….vbg.

When you think about it buying knitting needles or crochet hooks in an op shop makes sense.  Quite often they only cost 2o cents and often less compared to the $6.00 or more they are priced at in other shops.  I know which amount I prefer to pay.

I have a really bad habit though. I tend to throw them into a plastic bag with their siblings and cousins and not worry about keeping the sizes together which makes life interesting when I am hunting for a particular size.

So today, as I was sick and tired of hunting though the bag, I decided to make some very simple DPN bags.

So simple and easy using 2.5 inch strips from my scrap box and some ribbon.  They took, at most, ten minutes for each bag to make including the cutting of the strip to the right length and only slightly longer if I stuffed up and sewed them they wrong way round…sigh.

I used some inch wide ribbon (because it was sitting there and needed using) to make a band to slip the top of the bag under to stop the needles falling out and wrote the needles sizes on it. 

Hopeing that I was being really clever, I put not only the size in milimetres but also the UK size and the US size as so many of my patterns seem to be from those countries.

Now at least I can just grab out the bag of needles I want, pop the empty DPN bag into the currently used knitting bag, knit to my hearts content and when I’m finished return the needles to the DPN bag so I know what size and where they are for the next knitting adventure.

On the other hand my Mother absolutely loathes DPN’s and will avoid knitting in the round at all costs, to the point she has reworked/rewritten patterns so she doesn’t have to use them.  Honestly the woman is mad….vbg.


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