Gardening – An Excercise in Frustration

I have just been out mowing my lawn/weeds.  Only the front half of the house garden has been done as it is a little warm out there but thankfully not the heat of earlier in the week.  We even had rain yesterday morning which was a very welcome sight. It could have lasted longer than late morning but I am not complaining.  Even that bit has helped the garden survive and brighten up a bit.

June 2009

I have been reading lots of books on the great gardeners of history of late.    Miss Gertrude Jekyll, Edwin Luytens who was regarded as “the greatest British archiect” and who worked with Miss Jekyl for many years) , Joan Law-Smith who recreated the garden at Macedon – Bolobek, Jean Galbraith who had a garden in Gippsland. It’s been wonderful curling up under the air conditioner reading about these great gardeners and gardens and getting all sorts of ideas – most of which will never come true around here due to climate, water and lack of funds.  At one stage Gertrude Jekyll had up to 17 gardeners working in her garden at Munstead Wood.  Can you imagine having 17 gardeners keeping on top of the weeds, pruning, planting, mulching  and so on that go hand in glove with a great garden?  The mind boggles at the amount of wages you would have to pay then – let alone now.  Of course it helped that Miss J was a lady of  “independant means”.

Climbing “Rambling Rector”

The only problem with reading these books and looking at all the wonderful photos is that I have to keep constantly in mind that my garden/climate/water availability/finances simply don’t measure up compared with some of the sums of money and other resources that  these people had at their disposal.  I don’t have a hope of growing many of their cool climate plants let alone garden on the scale of what they were doing.

The Pergola

Still I am enjoying my little part of the world.  Slowly but surely weeds are being dealt with.  Plans are being made for a new drive way, which will also mean new dog proof fencing which of course will need to be disguised and therefore offers the opportunity to plant a hedge.  Not just any old hedge though.  It will be one full of roses, large shrubs, the occassional tree and anything else I can find. 

Milly – Gardening

I have even decided that there should be a straight avenue of trees in the front half of the garden.  Leading from the Wedding Day Rose (which will reside in splendor in a round garden bed) to a focal point at the top end of the garden.  It will probably be a few years before I can start this “avenue” but in the meantime I’m jotting down notes and drawing very rough plans so I don’t forget what I dreamed of.


In an effort to feel like I had done more than weed and mow lawns I dug up a few  rooted peices of the blue salvia I have – it’s supposed to grow quite big – a metre or more in height and have potted them up.  I don’t really care how big it grows in the end but I do know it’s tough – surviving 45 degree days, precious little water and lack of care.  Now that’s the kind of plant I want!!


4 thoughts on “Gardening – An Excercise in Frustration

  1. Yours is the second blog that has shown rambling rector….he has to come and meet ophelia..and somehow they can enjoy each other….very differnt roses though they may be…
    I am wondering what possessed me to pull out…rather than keep in trim yellow banksia rose… I want it back.
    but that weedy lawn…..I was trying to water last night and that hot day just wrecked it all again.

  2. I think the gardens look great. Love the picture of Milly she looks splendid. Somehow her ears remind me of a hyena in that photo. She just looks fit and capable if that makes sense.

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