How I Make Socks

It’s far to hot to do anything of late other than sit quietly in my chair, under the air conditioner, knitting.  Of course I was knitting socks – what else does a girl make when it’s 45 degrees outside????

First make sure you card up enough wool and silk to make a couple of good size batts –

 big enough that you can experiment with lots of dyes.  Yes I know it looks like a dogs breakfast but it worked – trust me.

Secondly spend a couple of hours spinning the dyed wool onto bobbins.  Card up and spin some more white merino/silk batts and spin them onto other bobbins.

Ply the white wool and hand dyed wool together and roll them into lovely big fat balls of goodness.

Spend your 18th wedding anniversary (yesterday) knitting up a  lovely warm and extremely thick sock…

….so that when and if the cold weather finally comes you know you will have warm tooties – well one at least I still have to start the second sock!

I found the best set of instructions for knitting socks with any size wool here at Sock Knitters  Yes there is a small amount of math required before starting to knit your socks and yes you do have to knit a swatch first (something that is never ever my favorite thing to do) but it is worth it as at least then you know your socks will fit. 

If you are new to knitting socks then check out the very comprehensive tutorial at Knitting

If you are really like me and you really really hate and don’t understand the kitchener stitch which is used to finish off the toes of your socks so you have no ridge to annoy your toes then check out this super simple tutorial   which is so easy to do and you get a fantastic result.





3 thoughts on “How I Make Socks

  1. It’s amazing how good the colours look when they’ve all been spun up and knit isn’t it? I can just see you all puttering around the house wearing them to keep warm.

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