When You Garden

There are certain times when you should face the task ahead with a certain amount of comtemplation.

You need to comtemplate the piles of weeds you have dug out, pulled and prickled yourself on.

You need to comtemplate the mulch you have just spread and try not to think of how much more mulch needs to be spread.

You need to stop and smell the roses which are still blooming despite the heat (we are supposed to reach 43 degrees by Saturday) and lack of water.

Most of all you need to comtemplate the shovel that you have just used to  hack prune at some salvias because once again the secutears are no where to be found.

Can you tell I’m starting to play with the functions on Picasa???? ….roflmol.

4 thoughts on “When You Garden

  1. It’s looking good Catherine all that hard work you’ve put into it no doubt. I’m surprised at how good it looks considering all the heat you’ve been having.

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