Holiday Mode

I’ve been a very slack blogger of late.  My excuse is I’m in holiday mode.  Ashley hasn’t returned to work yet although he has had a few call outs to cool rooms, packing machines and air conditioners which isn’t surprising considering the heat we are now having temps of  40 degrees and upwards and it’s HOT!!! 

After the very welcome rain that we received New Years Eve we waited with baited breath for the next down pour.  The heavens obliged and it bucketed down two days later.  The end result was water flowing in over the top of my laundry door as the rain forced its way into the roof and then had to find a way out.  Not happy – although Elise did suggest that I shouldn’t complain as I always wanted an indoor water feature!!!!!  It wasn’t quite what I had in mind though.  Just wish I had thought to take a photo of it.

The end result was Ashley wandering around outside in the pergola at 2 am trying to get the water to run anywhere but into our house.  There is a really tricky corner just above the laundry door where the valleys of the roof meet and there was just too much water for the gutters to cope with.  Add to the problem that one of the gutters was leaning the wrong way (who knows why) and water wasn’t flowing down the downpipes like it should and we had a flood.  Some of the facia has been removed which allowed the water to escape and Ashley has tried to rework some of the guttering which should help.  Trouble is we won’t know until the next rain and who knows when that is likely to happen.

Lucky James – who tells me he volunteered – got to stand on the roof with the hose cleaning out the gutters.

Throw in the fact he could squirt his sisters whenever they poked their noses into his business and he was having Fun with a capital “F”.  All of the gutters have now been cleaned.  There was a ping pong ball and leaves in one down pipe – goodness knows where that came from, and a birds nest in another which are now removed and the gutters and downpipes flushed.

I have been gardening if you count gardening as walking around with a five litre bottle of poison trying desperately to control the weeds as gardening.

Of course what would holidays be without beginning a new quilt.

I love these fabrics. They are some of the fat quarters I bought when I was in Ballarat last year and of course they go beautifully with my hand dyed fabrics.  The quilt is suppposed to be all done, quilted and bound by the end of the month if I follow Ava’s instructions properly…vbg.  You can find the link to the quilt here at Ava Landen – Modern Quilting.

Right off to take Nicola to the dentist.  The first two teeth are being removed today.  Nicola is understandably very nervous and I’m a bit worried I might pass out at a crucial moment – but I guess we will survive.  There is nothing worse than watching your daughter being worked on by a dentist/doctor/professional something or other.

Ashley is relaxing (he would pass out at the dentist), James is cleaning his room – sort of and Elise is recovering from a stomach bug that has left her throwing up and spending most of the past few days in bed.  Hopefully though she is now over it and on the mend and I refuse to think that we will have a repeat of last years dramas.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Mode

  1. Oh yaaaayyyyy! I’m doing that Quilt-along too! Your fabrics are LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY! I’m sure mine will be drabby scraps that have been hiding in my stash for way too many years!!!!

  2. Love your fabrics and cannot wait to see the finished quilt. I am having trouble linking onto the site. Can you give more info on how to look on Modern Quilt. Many thanks

  3. Your fabric are great Catherine, nice and bright and refreshing. I love the picture of James on the roof and glad to hear that you had some rain although not glad to hear about the flood.

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