The Christmas That Was

I think I am slowly working out how this new computer works and the photo editing program that Ashley put on it.  If anyone uses Picasa can they let me know what they think of it regarding editing of photos etc to put on blogs.  I only do basic stuff and so far I think I have been fairly successful.

Before another year whizzes by – yes I know it’s only the first day of January but did you think that this time last year we would be celebrating another New Years Day so soon – I thought I should post a photo or two of our Christmas.

What a wonderfully peaceful day.  I have no idea what time Nicola and James got up to check out their presents from Santa – they let Ashley and I sleep in until after 9 am!!!!  Unheard of even 12 months ago.  We spent a leisurely morning opening presents and nibbling.  Chocolate seemed to be the main gift this year and we have all eaten far more than we really should have – but it has been nice…..roflmol. 

I gave Ashley a gas Pizza Oven which he has wanted for ages.  The plan was we would build our own brick pizza oven but there never seems to be time and this one works a treat.  So far we have made pizza’s in it (the kids reckon they were the best we have had in ages) and two loaves of bread and some roast vegies.  Best of all it comes on a rolling box so we can move it to where we want.  Of course the man of the house is delighted and is planning all sorts of baking – trouble is it will be me who ends up doing the baking.  I can live with that though – as it lives outside at least in this hot and muggy weather we aren’t heating up the kitchen to cook.

I was so impressed with Nicola.  We played a trick on her.  She desperately wanted a queen size bed like Elise received a couple of years ago.  Christmas morning we gave her the sheets and told her that we really couldn’t afford the bed this year (due to our renovations)  but as soon as we could we would get her one – but in the meantime here were some sheets to put away until she did get her bed.  Not once did she pout or complain or say anything other than a very pleased “thank you and it’s ok – I understand”.  About an hour later we all trooped down to the big bin to put in the rubbish that couldn’t be recycled.  On the way back Ashley told Nicola to check out what was under the sheets in the back of the shed.

Talk about excited!!!!!

Of course then it all had to be brought up to the house, a single bed stripped and removed from the room, the new bed put in place, and remade.  During this time Ashley is trying to set up my new computer, I was  peeling vegies for lunch and Elise and James were offering advice on everything…lol.

I am possibly the only woman who will admit it – but I do love cooking Christmas lunch – especially a hot lunch of roast and vegies with all the trimmings. 

There was a surprise for Elise in the shed too.

Ashley bought a work bench a few months ago and Elise has been eyeing it off to use as a work working table.  Well now she has her own along with a very good book I picked up in the local book shop for a bargain that has some of the most brilliant designs in it I have seen.  Already Elise has picked out about 6 things she wants to make.

James was extremely happy with his present too…..

…he has wanted a rip stick for ages and finally has one.  Within two hours of going round and round the outdoor table he can now ride it without hanging on to anything or anyone.  Nicola is nearly as good as James.  Elise needs the table to hang on to  and I just don’t want to watch Ashley as that is an accident waitng to happen.  NO  I have not been on it.  I have too much respect for my body and the concrete is hard when you fall on it….lol.

My surprise that Elise was working on was under the tree when I got up Christmas morning.

This was a little table we picked up at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $5.  It was wobbly and the varnish very worn but there was something about it that I just loved.  Elise pulled it apart, reglued everything, sanded it back and then painted it white.  She would have loved to have stained it but there was so many different types of wood in this one little table that she didn’t think it would look right.  I love it.  It sits beside my craft chair cr with plants, my light and the latest craft project resting on it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We had a wonderful and very leisurely lunch with friends then Ashley curled up for a Nanny nap after they went home. Tea was left overs, of course,  and I have to say that we really haven’t done all that much between Christmas and New Year.  Ashley has had a few days where he has had to go out on a job but in general he has had most of his time at home, resting, playing the x-box, sleeping  – you know the routine…vbg.

Hopefully this week if it ever becomes cooler and the humidity drops we will manage to get a few important jobs done around the house and yard.  Last night was tea at friends for New Years Eve.  We didn’t need the sparklers that the kids had – the lightening from the storm that came swirling around the district was far more exciting and extremely impressive.  Driving home in it was not fun though  I have to say but we did get home safely.


9 thoughts on “The Christmas That Was

  1. What a lovely post and a lovely family
    And I give a very high score to Picasa for blog work.
    Play with it..the collages the text function…heaps you can do.
    Blessings for 2010

  2. Oh and I love cooking Christmas dinner also…now that I am on my own and do not have 28 or so that I used to as other families would come and join in…I go out for the day but indulge my cooking joy by catering for our sit and sew Christmas lunch.
    This year I said….just pay me $6 and come…it was fun.
    It is pouring rain……..God is good.

  3. Looks like a cracking Christmas was had by all. How gorgeous is her face when she realised there was a bed for her? You must be a proud mummy that she had such a grown-up reponse to her sheets set.

    As for Picasa – it is brilliant. I have used it for blogging for years.

  4. What wonderful gifts Catherine for all of you. Don’t suppose you could post a picture of the pizza oven full on, lol, and maybe some yummy pizza coming out of it? I’m not sure I’ve seen one of these things although I guess I could goggle it. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was grand as well with baby Chase of course the center of attention.

  5. Sounds like a great Christmas for all the family…..did you also get rain, or is that still to come?

    I have used Picasa for years and very happy with it, although I find the ‘sharpen’ function on Picasa 3 totally ineffective. Perhaps someone else has some clues about it.

    Happy New Year to you and all the family, Catherine.

  6. What a fantastic Christmas. 3 very happy kids! Love the table Elise fixed up for your present, she has done a wonderful job. We had a hot lunch this year for the first time in a while and it was so good!

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