And So Another Year Ends

It has just occured to me that the year ends today!! 

I know it takes me a while sometimes…vbg.  Acutally I think I have just been too darn busy to stop and take notice of the date let alone anything else.

Unlike other years, and I don’t know why this is, I am looking forward to saying goodbye to this year and hello to the next. 

Normally there is a certain amount of regret that another familiar year is ending.  Regret for the things that I did not achieve.  Regret for past mistakes. Regret that the things I did try that didn’t work the way I wanted……and so the list goes on.

This year there are no regrets!

While it hasn’t been a particularly spectacular year in some areas and yet in others, outstanding – I don’t regret a minute of it.

I am sooooo looking forward to 2010.

There are things I want to try and make and do.  Gardening to be done.  Quilts to be made.  Wool to be spun and dyed and then knitted or crocheted into something fabulous.  A house to organise. Children to watch over, help with homework and just generally be there for them.  Ashley to support, work with and spend quality time with. Friends to catch up with.  Possibly, and I feel a little guilty about typing this, getting to know myself better.  Accepting who I am physically, mentally and emotionally.  Strange I know  and who knows if I will achieve it all but I’m ok with the thought that I might not get everything done.  Best of all I’m not pushing myself to make lists, to put myself under the pressure of “it needs to be done now”.

I’m relaxing this year.  Taking life and it’s challenges as they come.  Trying to live a more simple life where everyday things are of more importance than the next big purchase, work contract or the fact that Elise is off to university in just two years.  Yes already I’m worrying over that one.  Silly isn’t it?

Time will tell if I succed in my endeavours.  I do know I am going to have FUN this year.   

I haven’t spent some time with my 2010 diary yet – that will be tomorrows job.  Already there are big events to be pencilled in.  Nicola’s braces in January and Ashley’s 40th in June spring to mind.  Throw in school dates and holidays plus Apprenctice time off for trade school and I can visualise the busy year ahead. Am I worried???  Not a chance.  Will I freak out at some stage???  I would say there is a definate possibility of that – but a deep breath, hot cup of tea and a moment to take note of all that I have to be thankful for should cure the panic – or at least hold it at bay until I’m more able to cope.

I’m looking forward to blogging on a hopefully more regular basis and should even be able to inclue photos in future posts.  I had big visions of magnifcant (and funny) photos of our Christmas to add to this post but Ashley gave me a brand new computer/tv/dvd player (yes you can get them all in one package now) and I can’t find the photo editing program on it so have had to download another one and then have to work out how to use it….sigh.  Never mind it’s not an insumountable problem and I’m sure that I will work it out – in time.

I hope you all have had a wonderful 2009 with all it’s ups and downs, hot weather, snow, rain and the other little things that make our lives interesting.

Here’s to 2010.  May it be a fantastic year for all of us.



5 thoughts on “And So Another Year Ends

  1. It HAS been a wonderful year getting to know you through your blog. Amazing, isn’t it? Halfway around the world… yet … well…here we are.

    Here’s to 2010!!!

  2. I plan on making a ‘plan’ for 2010 and hope to post my goals tomorrow!!! I am also looking forward to 2010 and hope to actually accomplish some ‘me’ things! High on my list is actually catching up for a face to face coffee with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long overdue. Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2010.

  3. Having read your blog for the past year I think you’ve come through it in grand fashion. You looked after the family marvellously (think of Elise especially), gotten a lot acomplished and still managed to remain sane at the end of it. Here’s to hoping that the upcoming year is just as wonderful for you, Ashly and the kids. God bless you all.

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