A Day of Play

I promised myself that I would have an entire day of play today.

I spent lots and lots of time out in the garden pruning and mulching a bed that has needed some concentrated attention on it for some time.  It has been watered the past few days so that weed pulling was easier….vbg….and tonight I finished mulching it so hopefully now the plants that are in it will grow.  It has the bare bones of a semi interesting garden bed – now just to find plants that will flesh it out and make it a real focal point in the garden.

Ashley pruned a few gum trees for me – the only way he prunes – with a chain saw.  Some trees had been leaning over the lawn and made mowing interesting to say the least while others were hanging over the drive.  Waste not, want not – all have been mulched and put on the garden bed I was working on.

I have also been a busy little spinner and have spun up the dyed merino/silk that I showed in the photo the other day.  It’s the two batts at the front of the photo.

When I tried plying the two strands of dyed wool together the colours became a bit lost – so I spun up another bobbin full of white merino/silk and have plyed  it with the hand dyed.  I like the effect and can’t wait to see what it will knit up like.

I’m thinking it may make wonderful socks.  There isn’t enough wool there for the entire pair of socks but I will get at least the cuffs and some of the ankle part knitted.  The rest of the sock could be knitted in plain white.  I found these instructions the other week on how to work out how to make socks with any weight yarn.  This might be just the wool to test out my maths and knitting skills.

The rest of the week in the lead up to Christmas looks like being just a bit hectic.  So far my list for the week looks like this……

Monday – clean the house.    The kids have been told there are no excuses – they are expected to and will help like it or not.  If we get it all done – and I’m being fairly realistic as to what we will achieve- then we get to relax and not stress over the house for the rest of the week.

Tuesday – Elise is getting a hair cut, we may need to grocery shop (I hate grocery shopping Christmas Eve – it’s bedlam), and rum balls and ginger balls need to be made.

Wednesday – more baking – fruit mince pies, gingerbread men, a gingerbread house (Elise is determined to make one for the centre piece of our Christmas table) and whatever else takes our fancy.  Throw in lunch at a friends work – it will be pretty casual affair  – and a haircut for Nicola at 4 pm and the day is looking full.

Thursday – Make cheesecake and pavolva. Pull out roast Chook for Christmas dinner.  Prep vegies for Christmas dinner.  Run around madly and hope I have everything done.  Collapse in a chair and wait for Santa Claus to come visiting.  Hopefully it won’t be as late as other years.

Friday – Relax.  Enjoy my family, good food, drink and the company of friends who are sharing Christmas with us.   Can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “A Day of Play

  1. Wow, you know you’re an energetic person when your play sounds like work. It’s wonderful to have hobbies that provide something good as a result. You are a blessing to your family and friends. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  2. I’m tired just reading about all the work you have planned to do…or maybe because it’s 11:44 vbg.

    The yarn looks interesting and I shall look forward to seeing a picture when you get around to using it.

    Luck with getting all done in time.

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