A Christmas Bag

No not me – although there is a distinct possibility I may turn into an Old Bag if this house doesn’t get cleaned up soon and if I don’t get to stay home for an entire day instead of running around doing everyone else’s jobs….grrrrr.

I have been making Christmas bags to put presents in.

There have been quite a few posts of late around the blogging world of the bags that people have been making. Not only do they look fantastic and can be recycled year after year – after all they only need an iron (and if you are desperate, a wash) to look good.  Plus they are soooooooooooo much easier to pop around those odd shape presents rather than spend hours with paper and sticky tape trying to get them wrapped.  Have you ever wondered just why all presents don’t come in nice boxes that are lovely and square and so easy to wrap? Trust me every year, as yet again  I swear at some Christmas/brown paper that has torn once again, I wonder at this dilemma.

James and I filled a lovely Christmas tin with those gingerbread men tonight and have popped it in a newly made bag which made wrapping a round tin of biscuits so much easier.

James was very impressed by my efforts and thought it was lovely so I’m feeling pretty darn good about the whole biscuits in a bag thing at the moment.

Of course the Apprentice has to have a Christmas Gift.

Elise and I had so much fun choosing bits and peices for his present.  We really don’t know his likes and dislikes but as he has a similar sense of humor to both Ashley and Elise (they all laugh at the weirdest things) we went with things that they would like to receive.

Do you want a sneak peek???

We have found out that he likes white chocolate so at least that’s one thing that was a certainty.  Just had to buy the reindeer antlers and of course they come with a Rudolph nose that flashes when you pull it.  It should keep him amused….wicked grin.  Throw in some chocolate money and a few other bits and pieces and I hope he will be happy with what he receives.

So now I’m a roll with these bags I have a few more cut out.

It’s a pity the gold doesn’t show up in this photo but it really is a lovely print.  So far all I have used is fabric from my stash.  None of the bags are massive.  This one is  only 7 x 10 inches – but I think the right size for something special.

Elise is arguing that it is much more fun to choose paper and then spend time wrapping the gift and then when she receives a gift of course one of the best bits is opening the present and tearing off all that wrapping paper.  While to some degree I do agree with her I have to admit that I prefer these bags.  Not only can they be reused but there is no way they can cost the same as all that wrapping paper, tape and ribbons etc – no to mention the fact that there is no mess for Mum to clean up at the end of it.

How do you wrap your presents?   Come on – fess up.    I’m curious.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Bag

  1. Have to admit I used fabric bags last year but I have gone back to paper this year, not for any real reason other than I found some nice ribbon!!! I like all my parcels to match so always buy lots of whatever I decide on!!

  2. I did the whole Christmas bag thing one year thinking that it would be a great was for my family to recycle the bags each year. The catch was that I never received any of the bags back in subsequent years! They liked them so much that they would only use them within their own homes so that they could keep them! Now they get paper. 🙂

  3. I used bags the one year. The local gas stations were giving away free bags with a fill-up. I have to admit that it’s not the same as unwrapping a present though. I guess it’s less wasteful though. I’d go green and make some as well but I probably still have 2-3 years worth of paper stockpiled from sales.

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