The Fox Families Christmas Lunch

I had a huge list of jobs I wanted to get done yesterday. Mow the lawns, weed near the house, clean the house and make up the shopping list for today ready for Friday nights Christmas party.  Throw in lots of loads of washing and an orthodontist appointment for Nicola and my day was pretty full.

Everything stopped when Mum came down around 9.30 am to say there was a disaster in the hen house.

Silly me – my first thought was “Bugger the chook pen has fallen down”.  Ohh me of little faith – Ashley built it years ago and it’s a strong as the Rock of Gibraltar.  Unfortunately it isn’t fox proof.

The nasty little horror burrowed in under the wire (in a place where I didn’t think anything could fit as he had to negotiate wire, plants, rocks and a steel bar) and decimated my flock.

Out of 13 chooks I have just five left!!!!!

Four were taken. Four left dead on the floor of the chook pen and the other five girls are, understandably, very flightly and nervous the poor darlings.

On a slightly irreverent note it has taken care of the absolute glut of eggs I have had.  With 10 dozen in the fridge at last count I was starting to dream about eggs.

Back to the fox problem.  Ashley and Stephen came home from work and with the girls and my help we have buried and screwed tin sheets around the bottom of the cage and put a huge iron girder around another side.  There is also now some more heavy duty netting on the ground (heavily weighted down) to prevent the fox family from digging in.  The girls have been well fed and talked to very lovingly and locked in early last night.  Mum hasn’t arrived this morning to say there was another massacre so I’m hoping our methods may have worked.  Either that or the fox and his family are too well fed to want to try again for a bit.

Hopefully that will work.

Dear Mr Fox and family,

I hope you choke on your Christmas lunch of my Chicken legs.

Sincerley not yours,



4 thoughts on “The Fox Families Christmas Lunch

  1. I didn’t realize you had that many chooks. Sorry about the fox, he/she must have thought they were in heaven with all those chickens. Can you let a few eggs hatch and get some more?

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