My New Sewing/Knitting/Spinning Room

Look!!!!   I finally found the camera.  It was underneath a pile of bits and peices that still had to be sorted. Ohh and yes I do have two cameras.  One is for my crafty stuff and is only loaded onto my computer – that’s the one that took photos of the rainbow swap yesterday.  This camera is for everything else.  Confused yet???  Trust me anything is possible in this house…vbg.

Finally I get to show off my sewing room in all it’s glory.

Remember the mess we were in.

The Builders, James, Plasterers and Painters were all quite happy making their messes and out of that mess came a purpose built room.

One that I can sort of fit everything into.  You see despite having overhead cupboards, huge under bench drawers, book cases and purpose built shelving, not to mention the huge drawers that are now under the gammill, I still don’t have enough storage space.

Yes trust me the builders and cupboard man are all having heart attacks at just how much “stuff” I do have – but you see I just have so many treasures and I just don’t want to throw them out.  Well not yet anyway.  So I have been very resistant to buying any new “stuff”, well ok wool and cotton from the Bendigo Woolen Mills doesn’t really count as “stuff” as I did have a purpose for it, because I just  didn’t know where to put it. Annnnnd of course those wonderful pieces of fabric such as Jo sent me in the Rainbow Swap don’t count – they just brighten my day and help to give me a fabric fix without feeling guilty….roflmol.

Now I just have to talk Ashley into letting me put in another row of overhead cupboards above where the gammill sits and I might just be organised.  I seriously doubt that will happen but a girl can hope.

Naturally Milly just had to “christen” my new sewing bench.

She discovered that the benches are an easy leap and she can lie there and either peer out the window or check out what I’m doing.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my sewing room and the chaos that has been the norm around here. I’m sorry I haven’t replied personally – time has been a bit of a premium lately and quite frankly I have been a bit overwhelmed by everything.  Today I took time out to get my hair cut, then Elise (who has finished school for the year) helped me to clean up the pergola and fix the fairy lights for the Work Christmas Party that Ashley has decided that we should have on Friday night. Luckily it will be fairly casual, and as he has invited all those who he works with ie builders, refridgeration mechanics etc, a relaxing affair.  Pour a few drinks into them and ply them with sausages cooked on the BBQ and they will all be happy.   Their wives and partners have been invited so I will get to meet them as well – we Tradies Wives need to stick together – who else understands the pressures of having a husband/partner who runs around doing everyone elses’s work but our own…vbg.


5 thoughts on “My New Sewing/Knitting/Spinning Room

  1. Very jealous, well at least one of us got a dedicated sewing room, enjoy – so glad for you 🙂 Mind you all those hours you put in for Ashley you should have your own room.

  2. It looks fabulous and so great to have room for the gammil as well…..that would be my dream..I know it could go in the lounge room or the back lounge type room but I like to keep some of the house tidy…..LOL

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