I’m not quite sure whether I’m coming or going of late.

Chaos reigns supreme around here.

The new sewing room and office are finished – well apart from a couple of smaller items the builder still has to do – but they aren’t  vital at this stage and both rooms are up and running.  Well the sewing room would be up and running if I could just find enough places to put all my stuff/crap/treasures.  Photos as soon as I find the camera which is not where I was sure I put it and now I can’t find it.

Nicola had her first fitting for the bands that go around her teeth in Bendigo on Tuesday.  Everything went well – including our shopping…vbg. Next week she has the TP bar fitted then we wait until after Christmas for further work to be done.  Ohh and yes she talked with a mouthful of orthodontist fingers and tools – again!!!

Elise finishes school today – of course she is doing the happy dance and so am I as it will mean an extra set of hands around here to help clean up……roflmol.  So far it looks like she has passed the year although not with the marks she was hoping for.  Eight weeks off sick in the middle of the year don’t help that ambition.  Nicola has another week to go and I think James has another two weeks.

James came home at lunch time yesterday with a very sore and swollen eye.  He was swatting at a fly and hit himself in the eye instead….sigh.  An afternoon nap with a cold face washer on the offending eye and a really good sleep last night has reduced the swelling and he is much more like himself this morning.

The big news on the work front is that we have just signed up our very first apprentice!!!!!!!  Steve who did work experience with Ashley, and who we have known for years – his parents were in our bridal party – has signed on with us.  He is as “keen as mustard” (Ashley’s words), an incredibly hard worker, super nice and best of all takes us as he finds us – in other words isn’t fazed by the chaos that we often find ourselves in.  He is going to be a real asset to the business and has taken so much pressure off Ashley already that it’s amazing. Not to mention the pressure of little old me who has actually had several days at home where I have been able to just potter/clean/bake and knit.

Sorry about the lack of posts – once again I’m getting behind and there’s heaps to show you all.  Another week or two and I should be sort of back to normal – whatever normal is.  In the mean time I’m keeping up with everyones blogs and enjoying seeing what you are all doing.


3 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Hopefully an apprentice will take the pressure off especially in these busy months. Lucky Elise finishing school, my kids don’t finish until next thursday and one of them still has an exam to go on Monday! Glad the braces are working out so far for Nicola.

  2. Sounds great that you have an apprentice. It sounded like the work was too much and not enough hands so to speak. My kids still have another week or two to go before they are home for the holidays.

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