Life in the Fast Lane

Renovations are zooming along.

Building is all done

Plastering is all done.

Cupboards are all in – truly I’m in heaven when I walk into my sewing room…vbg.

Painters are coming today – they will be here in less than half an hour and painting should be finished totally by Friday evening.

I have worked every day with Ashley – some full days, some days only the mornings.

We have a work experience student working with us for a couple of weeks.  Steve has finished Year 12 and is trying life as an electrician.  Best of all we know him although last time I saw him he was in nappies….roflmol.  He is wonderful. Hard working, polite, holds an conversation and best of all is nearly 6 foot tall – which makes life for little shorties like me, so much easier….vbg.

Nicola’s first orthodontist appointment was yesterday to have the spacers put in.  It was all so fast she didn’t have time to even complain – but she did still try to talk with a mouth full of tools and Orthodontists fingers…

It’s raining again – quite a bit last night and more today which has meant a rearrangement of what jobs are being done well.  None of us like getting bogged at a job site.

Got to run – washing to do, kids to drag out of bed and work to be started.

Have a lovely day.  Photos as soon as I catch my breath.

Before I forget……….

Want to know how to throw  a lunch room full of manly plasterers, plumbers and builders into disarray?

Pull out the socks you are knitting and sit quietly in the corner of the tea room knitting.  None of them knew what to do or say – although there were one or two questions along the lines of  “Don’t you have anything better to do” or “What are you knitting and why?”.  At least they knew what knitting was

My answer…..”None  of you will talk to me so I shall just sit and knit and listen in on all the gossip/garbage you lot talk.”

And they think women can talk/gossip/waffle!!!!!!!!

Next week I’m thinking of taking in some crochet…..evil grin.


3 thoughts on “Life in the Fast Lane

  1. Not many would have the courage to try and chat with the dentist operating the tools in the mouth. Good on you Nicola

    Well done all for getting the sewing room well on the way. Can’t have you disappointed Catherine.

    Great pity you don’t Tat Catherine, that would stop the troop in their tracks. I could come and teach you. LOL

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