The Builders Have Arrived

It’s all systems go here at Chez Calidore.

The builders – that is the builder and his apprentice who as it happened turned 21 on Tuesday so we celebrated with a cake  – arrived Monday and began demolition/dust making/plaster ripping/wall construction not finishing that part of their job until Thursday evening.  I think they were quite happy to be busy but in the cool of the air conditioning, cause this week has been a shocker for heat and humidity.

Excuse the spots on the photo – it’s plaster dust which has attached itself to everything in the house.  Ohh and at this stage James was trying to punch a hole in the plaster with his head – encouraged by our builder….with only moderate success and only minimal bruising.  The “men” all thought it was hilarious.

Progress has been steady and with the help of James after school plaster was soon removed from walls and the serious rebuilding work began.

Windows and  new door ways have been put in.  There was a little while where we all thought this new glass office door may not fit in the hole the builders had created.  Due to the drought – and the fact that nothing seems to be square in our house – fitting the door was a major exercise in frustration in trying not only to get it in the hole but also to make it square, a necessary evil if the door is to slide shut.  Luckily the builders skills, my helpful suggestions – which may or may not have been appreciated – and a fair bit of brute force saw the job done and smiles all round.

Thankfully there wasn’t the same hassels when it came to the new office window or the sewing room window.

Ohh look there’s me – usual position taking photos for posterity.  I wonder what my grand children and great grand children will think when they see the hundreds of photos  I have taken.  Will they wonder who the strange man in builders work gear is?  Will they wonder just why Grandma had a fascination with taking photos of renovations that she and Pa did?  Who knows.  All I know is that things change so quickly that if I don’t take photographic evidence I forget what was there and just how much we have done to this house.

Look at how much light now comes into the sewing room. I’m seriously in love with the window sill of this window.  6 inches wide and just screaming at me to display some treasures on it.

This was the wall in James’s room before I took it over as a sewing room.  Can you tell there was just one or two holes in the walls from James pinning his posters and various art works to the wall??? The plasterer has suggested that we buy him a pin board or a bulk pack of blue tack to put up his pictures….vbg.  We had already done those things – but a boy will be a boy.  I refuse, by the way, to take the blame for any of these whole/dents/marks.  After all someone who sews and needs to see her patterns at eye level would never do such damage….roflmol.

The plasterer was here on Friday filling holes and generally getting things ready.  He still has to sand all the plaster but that won’t be done until after the cupboards and new work benches are installed on Monday (really doing the happy dance here) and then the builders will also be here to put in architraves and bits around doors etc.

The painter is coming around Tuesday night to check what needs doing and fingers and toes crossed may be able to start the job this week and if I smile nicely and offer them a really good morning and afternoon tea the whole job might (and it’s a very big might) be done by Friday.

Can I just add a little note here.  When you have a “tradie” come into your home do the right thing. Make sure there is plenty of cold water/soft drink/tea/coffee on hand and above all else plenty of morning tea.  They aren’t fussy if it’s home baked or bought – chocolate biscuits or just plain cream biscuits or even sponge cake with cream, but put out plenty, tell them they are wonderful (providing they are) and praise their work to the hilt.  Trust me it works….vbg.  It also helps around here that the builder is waiting on the electrician (and his helper) to wire the new house he is building and that it was going to be a stinking hot week and he knew I would have the air conditioning on for them.

I love a little bribery.


5 thoughts on “The Builders Have Arrived

  1. And I can add to that last part from the “other end…”
    I worked one job with my husband (some of the finer inside detail), and this home-owner was AMAZING!!!! We still “talk-her-up” about all that she did—donuts in the morning—lemonade throughout the day, lovely muffins for snacks. We kept telling her enough was enough because we weren’t going to get anything done if she kept stuffing us.
    So….your efforts ARE appreciated as you seem to have found out.

    Now—regards to the renovations—-YEAH YOU!!!! That sewing room is going to be AMAZING with all that natural light!!!

    Hopefully temps are tolerable…

  2. Wonderful Catherine I’m so glad for you that the renovations are moving along and I’m jealous that you’re going to have such a lovely sewing room all to yourself.

    I think the pictures are a wonderful idea because we do forget and it’s nice to look back and see what went on.

  3. Woot woot!! Gunna be so cool when its all finished!I’ll have to come see that sewing room one day! Just try to imagine it all finished, no mess, just a lovely clean new home. That’ll make you smile.

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