Today’s Random Thought

Ok it’s hot.

I mean really hot.

It didn’t get below 20 degrees last night so sleeping, even with the airconditioner going, was a bit of an issue.

In the melted mess that is my brain I remembered this bit of info that I heard yesterday on the radio.

What is  an Alpaca giving birth called???

wait for it……..


True – check out this link and the sub paragraph headed “The time of Year you choose for your females to Unpack”.

Now I have astounded you with the mess that my brain is I’m off to find a cool drink and an even cooler spot on the floor to lie down.  Maybe the dogs will give me some tips as they seem to be very comfortable.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Random Thought

  1. Heya. I don’t know if you want to know this but in the big op shop on swan hill, up the industrial end- there is a woodern spinning wheel up for grabs. Just in case you’re interested!! Lol

  2. I want it, I want it…hmmm…to bad I don’t live in Swan Hill lol. Go for it Catherine you can never have to many spinning wheels. Now having said that you may not have any room to store it. (Looks around at all the junk littering the floor, desk and bed in the guest room.)

  3. I hope all of this hot weather isn’t frying you too much, there’s supposed to be a cool change coming Monday so I’ll cross my fingers that is comes your way…
    That’s so funny about the Alpaca’s, who would of thought… LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    Tahe Care 🙂

  4. Hahaha…. That’s a terrible joke! But I’m definitely going to use it though! 🙂
    Did you get the spinning wheel? I did look like it had been knocked around a bit, poor thing.

  5. gosh….. what a knee-slapper!

    I’ll trade you a few degrees? You can have some of our below zero temps for a few above zero temps, and we should both be much happier :0)

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