Lovely Surprises and Granny Squares

My friend Karen from Canada  surprised me the other day with an email saying that she had sent me a gift two months ago and was worried as I hadn’t emailed her or blogged about that it hadn’t arrived.  Hmm nothing here, checked the post office, nothing there.  By this time I was worried to although I have to say tickled pink that she would not only think of me but also send a little something.

This week I had to post off a swap parcel and was saying the the girl at the counter  (who, as it happens my sister went to school with) that my friend had sent a parcel but it hadn’t arrived.  “Hang On” says A.  “I saw one out the back with your name on it”.  Talk about service and guess how excited I was to see it was from Karen.  I did the happy dance out of the post office and got lots of strange looks for it but I didn’t care.

Look what Karen made me.

The most beautiful crochet bag in colours that I just adore. It is stunning and the perfect size for all my treasures.

This photo is pretty darn close to the true colours of the bag.

I had seen the pattern on Raverly ages ago and had emailed Karen asking her what she thought of the pattern and did she think that I could make it,  Karen being my guru on all this crochet related…vbg.  Of course I have too many ideas and no enough time and didn’t get around to making it.  But Karen did.

Karen even used some of her beautiful Shibori dyed fabric for the lining….scrummy.

Then, just to make the parcel even more exciting Karen included some lovely sock yarn.

This photo really doesn’t do the colour justice.  They are super scrummy and the wool is divine.  I am thinking of  making work socks with the wool – shorter ones for the heat but ohh so comfy and far trendier than what the men wear…

After all this excitement and the extreme heat we are having guess what I am going to be doing today…..

….more crocheting and sewing together of  granny squares.

I finally got them all crocheted last night and had a test run of laying them out on the floor.

Somehow I have even managed to make a few more than I need but that’s ok – they can be used for something else.

Stay cool where ever you are cause trust me you don’t want the heat we are experiencing at the moment.



4 thoughts on “Lovely Surprises and Granny Squares

  1. Nice bag, vbg…love the granny squares it’s going to be great when they are all sewn together. Word of warning sewing them together can be painful by the time you’re done. You could make a pillow with the leftovers.

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