Getting Organised – I think

It’s hot.  Really hot and I’m hibernating under the air conditioner trying to get organised for the coming weeks and Christmas which is looming faster than I ever thought possible.

I have hung out the washing.  Dashed down the street to grab baking paper as I had run out.  Rushed home got the tins for the fruit cakes ready.  Popped up to the primary school to listen to readers, came home and mixed up and threw the fruit cakes in the oven.  Tidied the kitchen – sort of and now I’m trying to work out what to get and what not to get as presents for Christmas.

If my children are reading my blog – NO…….I haven’t made/bought/found your Christmas presents yet so there is no good searching the house as you won’t find them. YES……… I have a lengthy list of suggestions from you all – now it’s a case of ………..

A/ finding what you want,

B/Affording what you want or

C/ Ignoring what you want and getting you what I want you to have…..vbg.

I have been busy crocheting tops onto hand towels as part of my Christmas present giving.  You know for something that is so incredibly simple I just couldn’t work it out.  Maybe the heat has fried my brain.  A quick email to Karen and she pointed me to her Tutorial on her blog.  Wonderful woman – the tutorial is amazing and so easy to follow.

You know how people say – follow this tutorial it’s super easy and it won’t take any more than an hour or two and you will have the finished article in your hot little hands?  I admit I’m a bit skeptical when I read that as generally I have to follow the directions step by step, remember what crochet stitch is which and often rescue a ball of wool from one or both of the dogs and it always seems to take me far longer than the person who wrote the tutorial and knows what they are talking about takes.  In this case it didn’t.  While I will freely admit it does take me a bit longer than a hour to crochet a towel topper I can defiantely get it done in one or two sittings.  It actually took me longer to locate the buttons to sew onto the towel than it did to make it.  I’m so pleased with these and have at last count made four of them (the ones in the photo are destined to go to my mother) with several more to go.  They really are a quick and easy gift.  I have also been crocheting around purchased facewashers (sorry no photos) and working on my Granny Squares. Only twenty more to go and I will have enough for a lap rug.

Right off to check the fruit cakes and sort out a few more lists ready for the coming weeks.  Cohuna tomorrow for my spinning group. I am so looking forward to it but won’t be taking any spinning as I can’t find everything that I would need due to the renovations which still haven’t started.  The builder is getting so close to being on the Endangered Builders List it isn’t funny.  I might take some crochet.  I found a book on different granny squares in the library and while I love them all there are some I can’t work out the instructions to.  The Guru’s at the spinning group will know.

Have a lovely week.





5 thoughts on “Getting Organised – I think

  1. I am SO over the hot weather already. I got up at sparrow’s today too and planted out alot of little things – I am not game to go out and check. I bet they are all fried.

    Do you want some unwashed alpaca wool? My neighbours are shearing next month – they just told me they throw their wool on the compost because nobody wants it!!!
    Let me know, there is brown, white and brown and white (but he is an intact male – maybe it is smelly like billygoats? I dont know).

  2. Love the towels Catherine and glad you found the instructions easy to follow. Now you’ll be a Christmas oven towel addict and your family will be looking for you to give them a new one every year 🙂

    You talk about the Christmas cakes so much I don’t suppose you have a recipe that you can copy and paste?

  3. I have started with the Christmas lists, lets just hope I act on them!!! Not making cakes this year, our school makes and sells them for a fundraiser so I will buy one of those instead. Hope you have a lovely day at spinning today.

  4. Hi Calidore,
    You are so organized getting all those Christmas gifts made already! It has crossed my mind that I must begin to think about what I will be doing this year, but so far, I have done nothing.
    Your granny squares (a few posts down) are so cute. They reminded me of the early 70’s when everyone was making them. I don’t know that I have ever seen them as a rug.

    It was nice catching up with you.
    Hope you are staying cool.

  5. I love the hanging towels, just gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for the link to the tutorial I can’t wait to have a look as I’d love to give one of these a go myself..
    I’m also hot on the tail of making Xmas gifts with a pile of washcloths first on my list of ‘MUST DO’…

    Take Care
    Jodie 🙂

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