A Week of Firsts

It has definately been a week of firsts this week.

The first brown snake of the season was sighted by little old me earlier this week as I was wandering down the feed the chooks.  Ewwwww – the snake that is not the chooks.  As a result Ashley and I have spent several hours this afternoon mowing weeds and moving piles, of what we will politely call “rubbish” and sorting stuff out in order to minimise the risk of snakes.  I must say down near the shed and chook pen it is looking much tidier.

The first swim of the season was had tonight.  Ashley finally found time to hook the pool heater up and it was a very pleasant 25 degrees in the water.  Of course the kids couldn’t wait even though Dad wanted to vacumm the pool first.  Of course the vacumming didn’t happen but the swimming did.

Elise drove Ashley’s work van for the first time – in and out of the shed.  She wanted to work on her wood work project for school and Ashley refused to move the truck for her.  I’m not sure of the conversation but it resulted in him throwing her the keys and walking away apparently telling her it was good for her to drive different vehicles.  I’m glad I wasn’t around.

We have also watered for the first time this year even though our watering season started at the beginning of the month.  With restricted water and keeping in mind the possible 40 degrees temps over summer, we try to put off the first watering until we absolutely have to.  Of course that first watering means Ashley and I wander around, sewing needles in hand, to unblock any drippers and sprays which have become infested with insects over the winter period.  There’s nothing as satisfying as digging a slug or earwig out of your sprinkler system and having it work properly afterwards.  Of course old clothes are mandatory as we both seem to be soaked to the skin by the end of it all.

An update – the second snake of the season has just been sighted and Ashley has gone off to see if he can find it.  Arrrrrr.

Right off to check tea – BBQ tonight and salad – nice and simple.  Have a lovely weekend.


5 thoughts on “A Week of Firsts

  1. Hey lady! It’s been a LONG TIME since I’ve left a comment.
    You are well on your way to summer, and the first snow of the season hit the ground last weekend, and another small blast hit us last night.

    I don’t know what a “chook” is, but I’m off to google it. And I hope the brown snakes are merely pests and not dangerous!!!

    Enjoy your warming weather :0)

  2. Let’s be positive – maybe it is the First Snake of the Season twice????? (Unless that is impossible…).
    Yet to see any, but shiver and leap at every rustle in the grass. So far only stumpy tails…
    We had it SO drummed in to us about how dangerous snakes were (it was along way from Nandaly to Swan Hill Hospital and we would have been dead) that I am still a hysterical wreck whenever I see one.
    Lots of long grass around here too and I am too sick to clean u p.
    First mossies too…

  3. My Mum wouldn’t rest once she had sighted a snake until she actually caught and killed it. She found a saucer of milk was a good way of enticing a snake out into the open.

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