Dishcloths and Crochet

The problem with Ashley being so busy is that I have to go and help him – lots.  Which seriously interfers with my crafting time which in turn means that I have very little that is blog worthy to show you.

The past two morning have been spent wiring a transportable home.  A fairly big one which is why it took two mornings and not just one – the afternoons have been spent catching up on other jobs.  I have to admit that even though I’m terrified of heights and ladders are not something I enjoy climbing – I have been scampering up and down one the past couple of days like my feet are on fire.  There is something to be said for facing your fears and just getting on with the job.  Well it wasn’t like I had a choice!

Free moments have been spent crocheting some of the Circle in a Square Granny Squares courtesy of 14 of an Inch.

It’s been a wonderful way to use up lots of scraps of acrylic wool that would otherwise have languished in my baskets and cupboards until time stopped.  I have even raided Mum’s knitting supplies for more colours.  There was quite a bit of debate between Mum and I as to what colour to crochet the final round in as it can really make or break this rug.  White won the day but only because Mum found three big balls of white acrylic yarn stashed away and lets face it what else are we going to use it for?  I am finding that I am working of the three coloured rounds at home and the white round while I’m in the car waiting to pick up the children from school.  If I time it right I can get a complete round of white completed before the first child to the car  slams the car door and launches into telling me about their day…..vbg.

Needing another project (who am I kidding) and something fairly basic to work on when I am a bit tired of crocheting I started this Blackberry Dishcloth.  It is a super easy pattern (despite appearances) and you only need to knit four rows for each complete pattern.

I only had four ply cotton in this lovely teal colour.  It’s scrummy to knit with, so lovely and soft but I thought a bit thin for this pattern so I simply doubled the strands to give myself a rough equivalent to 8 ply and it’s knitting up nicely.

The other big news of the last couple of weeks is that Nicola has seen the Orthodontist and defintely needs braces so we have booked in and will start the whole process in a few weeks.  She needs four teeth removed – something neither of us are looking forward to but it has to be done and then the braces applied to both top and bottom teeth.  There are just too many teeth in her tiny mouth and while she has a million dollar smile that is nearly always in evidence (don’t count the hormonal moments…sigh) it is obvious that her teeth are crooked so she has decided to do something about it.  It had to be her decision and I think the right one in the end as she is at the age of being conscious of body image – what a pity we can’t all ignore body image and what others think of us.  Nicola doesn’t stress to much but she is aware of it and if straighter teeth give her more confidence Ashley and I aren’t about to say no.

Most of the work is done over the school holidays and the braces will be fitted about 10 days before school starts next year (the day of my Birthday would you believe)  which will work out wonderfully and she won’t have to miss school.  Nicola said she will take me out to lunch that day before getting her braces fitted.  Somehow I think her idea of “going to lunch” is vastly different to mine…vbg.   Regardless we are going to have fun and as some of the work has to be done at the main Orthodontist clinic in Bendigo we also get to go shopping.  Doing the happy dance.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get up to James’s class to listen to some of the children read – they just need a little bit of one on one to get them to the next level.  Maybe some shopping and possibly a coffee down the street as a treat.  Thursday at this stage is still free but don’t tell anyone – especially my family.  I think that it may involve more packing up of the sewing room/office ready for the renovating.  Friday is an all day excursion with James’s class, then swimming lessons with James and dropping Elise off at work and picking her up.  I think I need a Taxi sign on my car.

At this stage the weekend is looking like one very long sleep in followed by several hours veging out on the couch with a good book.

I hope your week and weekend is a good one and you enjoy yourself.


5 thoughts on “Dishcloths and Crochet

  1. Busy! Good luck with the braces. It took Ayden a good week to get through the pain of his going on, and he is pretty good, but nearly a year later and fantastic teeth.

  2. The crochet circles are going to be fantastic and white goes well as its a neutral. The dishcloth looks great as well.

    When most people think of getting braces they think about it from a vanity point of view but aside from that there is the fact that straightened teeth fit together better and in the long run will help with chewing and less problems later on that can occur from a poor bite.

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