A Successful Day

I had the best day when it came to achieving things today.

The washing was done and dry despite the very ominous looking clouds that were building up.  There was even a rumble or two of thunder this morning but nothing came of it.

I planted lettuce seedlings yesterday and carrot seeds today.  My new watering system in the vegie garden is working a treat and should make it so much easier to water efficiently and with less wastage especially with the hot summer tempretures we are bound to have. I even manged to get stakes in ready for when I plant tomato seeds which will hopefully happen this week. I have decided not to put in plants but use the seeds I have saved…..hopefully with a great deal of success.

I made two Christmas cakes – one in an 8 inch square tin, the other in a six in square tin.  Got to admit the six inch cake looks tiny but is really no smaller than what you buy in the shops.  It is the perfect size for gift giving this Christmas which is why I have several of them to make plus a few of the larger cakes for other gifts.  My tried and true Fruit Cake Recipe, courtesy of my Aunt Topsy, works perfectly if I use a batch and a half of mix to make both cakes.

I managed to ply several skeins of wool and alpaca that I had carded together and spun and they are now drying plus I managed to spin another skein or two of the wool/alpaca mix ready to ply.  Not a bad effort I thought and all done in less than an hour.

Another knitted facewasher has been completed. That makes a total of three in lovely soft cotton for the past five days.  James is fascinated by how soft the facewashers are and I can’t wait to use them.

The house is semi clean and vacummed.  Ok so there is still dust on the shelves but what I don’t run my fingers over to find I can’t see…..roflmol.

I have rearranged the lounge room and make it more craft friendly.  In other words my crafting chair is now in front of the window instead of being tucked in a corner where I normally hibernate.

I have found the perfect final gift for a swap I’m in here at Among the Gum Trees and will try to get a good part of it done tomorrow also.  The rest of the items for the swap are made but I wanted/needed to put in a little bit more and now I have it. The perfect final touch I believe.

Photos of the dyeing day using jellies and crepe paper have been found as has the camera with the photos on it from Ashley’s not so successful race on the weekend and I am predicting they will be this weeks blog posts – providing no disasters or work gets in my way.


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