Crochet Hook Rolls

It is absolutely freezing outside, despite the sun shining. Once again I had to work with Ashley and nearly froze my butt off with the wind that was whipping though the garage we were working in.  Thank heavens I was only there for about an hour or I may not have thawed out.

As a consequence of being freezing and working, and BEcause any excuse will do, I’m not gardening today.  Instead I’m holed up in the sewing room, music playing, heater on, cat sitting on my knee as I type, getting ready to sew up some more crochet hook rolls.

I made this one for myself a while ago and love it.

Inspiration came from Annie at Flower Garden when she made her Crochet Hook Roll.

I got four of them cut out yesterday so today’s job is to get them sewn.  The Cohuna Spinners and Weavers group is having a stall at the Austoberfest in Cohuna which is held at the end of October. It’s a fete held in the gardens there with the town and local community supporting it.  I haven’t been before (and unfortunately won’t get there this year) but it is, from all accounts, a really good night and heaps of fun with lots of crafty goodies from all the different groups around Cohuna to purchase.   All proceeds from the spinning groups stall  go to supporting the spinning  group and paying for insurance etc and I wanted to contribute something so I thought these cases might just be the thing.

Ohh and I get to blame Annie for yet another project.  Don’t you just love it when you get to blame someone else for yet another obsession??  Check out her beautiful crochet rug she has been making. If you go to her latest post you will see the rug in all it’s glory.  Simply stunning.  Inspiration for Annie came from here at 1/4 of an inch where you can find the free pattern.  So far I’m just playing around but can see this as a fantastic way to use up some of my (slight) oversupply of wool.  Add in the fact that Ashley is racing again this Saturday (fingers crossed the car is running properly) and I am going with him – I think it will be an ideal project to work on while watching the race.

Off to sew.  The cat and dogs have abandoned me and my music so I am left in peace to play.


3 thoughts on “Crochet Hook Rolls

  1. Very nice, it is a good way to use up left-over yarn but then again you end up buying some to get different colours so it sort of ends up being a never-ending thing.

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