Off to Cohuna

I’m off to Cohuna this morning for the Spinners and Weavers meeting. Can’t wait.  Rang my friend Lyn last night to say I was going and she will meet me there.  We have been comparing our dyeing efforts via phone calls and even with using the same plant materials we have come up with different colours so it will be interesting to compare the wools in the “flesh” and our notes to see what the differences are.

I have been spinning and knitting up some of the most beautiful black Alapaca that Lyn gave me.  Truly it is the softest and warmest “wool” I have ever used.  Absolutely beautiful and it is a true black – not a semi black/brown that you often get.

Of course I just couldn’t wait to knit it so Mum dug out the tried and true mitten pattern that she always used and I have been busy knitting.  The coloured stripes are white Alpaca that is dyed using purple crepe paper.  I kid you not!!!  Sorry the photo isn’t better and no I haven’t forgotton to blog my dyeing efforts – just got to find the photos and some time.  Naturally I’m taking the mittens, I finished the second mitten last night,  for show and tell today – after all I have never knitted a pair of mittens before…vbg.

Just have to leave you with a photo of my beautiful red roses that are blooming with profusion in the garden.  These are long stemmed red roses that I grew from cuttings way back when I was working as a florist.  Not a lot of perfume but the bud shape and even the open flowers are simply magnificant.

Have a lovely day

The Giddy Spinner.

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