I will freely admit that by Friday last week this blog was in serious risk of either being abandoned for a few months or (drastically) deleted. I really wasn’t coping at all.  The pressure of school holidays ending (as if that should be a stress??), lots and lots of neglected housework to do, washing that was piling up and breeding even worse than rabbits or mice and the knowledge that once the kids were back at school I would need to be back at work with Ashley wasn’t helping.

In short my life was going to hell in a hand basket quicker than I can type this post.

Sanity has prevailed though and some serious therapy…..aka weeding, mulching and all things garden orientated…..has created a clearer thinking and much more mentally stable Catherine.  That and the fact that when I talked to Ashley about how I was feeling his advice was “slow down, take a deep breath, grab a glass of wine and get me a beer while you are at it and relax  you will get it all done, just take it one step at a time”…..roflmol.  How men cut to the heart of the matter.

So I did as he advised – well the wine part came later when I was finished weeding.  Saturday morning he came down and helped me get a load of red gum chips for mulch.  The trailer only holds a meter of chips unless you put the tarp around the sides and as it was blowing a gale I needed some Manly Garden Help…vbg.

I spent quite a bit of time devising a new watering system for the vegie garden.

Dripper pipe will now hopefully deliver enough water where it is needed so that the plants will continue to grow and (crossing fingers) thrive even with the possibility of 40 degree heat again this summer.  Only this half of the garden is done so far but it’s where the tomatoes are to go so it was a priority.  I also spread several bags of mushroom compost in there and raked it in which should help too – I hope.

Sunday morning found Ashley, James and I out where we camp at Easter so Ashley could check that his race car was running properly ready for the race next weekend.  James and I pottered around on the motor bikes and generally had the best time checking out all the tracks we could find.  James was so sweet either riding beside me or stopping frequently, if he was in front of me, to make sure I was alright and hadn’t fallen on…vbg.  I didn’t I’m pleased to say and even managed to ride up over a channel bank without stalling the bike or falling off.

Sunday afternoon saw the installation of these poles in a new garden bed.

I was originally going to but wire mesh from the pergola to the closest post (in the photo) and grow creepers up them – but that job would have to wait for another weekend and for when Ashley had time – so now I’m going to leave them as a bit of architecture/folly and just plant some biggish bushes in between them as an informal hedge.  You can just see where I have started mulching the bed .  There’s still a lot to do but I can see in my mind how it will look – I hope.

Finally after all that activity/sanity saving/mind clearing I sat in the pergola with a nice glass of wine and relaxed while Ashley cooked a BBQ tea.

Today I’m cooking meals so I have them already for the busy week ahead, washing – yet again, cleaning the house and getting myself organised as tomorrow I’m back to Cohuna to spend time with the local spinning group and then possibly Wednesday I’m back at work with Ashley.  He wanted me tomorrow but I told him it wasn’t happening.

Hugs from the Happy Gardener


2 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. What an huge amount of work you accomplished over the weekend, kudos to you for a job well done.

    LOL, you can’t stop your blog I’d go into withdrawal. Regard it as a sanity break to get away from stuff.

    I know what Ashley means about feeling overwhelmed and he’s right to take it one step at a time. Good advice that I myself don’t usually follow but I know that feeling of too much to do and where do I start.

    Take care God bless.

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