Manly Garden Help

For ages I have been wanting some Manly Garden Help.  You know the kind – a strong, kind, intelligent Man to lug things around the garden, put things where I want them, pick up and dispose of weeds and most importantly not question just why I want something just there.

Well I sort of got what I wanted.

I did get the strong, kind, intellegent kind of help that I wanted and needed.  He did lug things around the garden for me – namely a seat and some pavers.  He even got rid of some weeds for me……..annnnd he did remove the dozen or so star pickets that just happened to be stored in this little area.  Why they were there I’m not quite sure.

But I have to say I didn’t get the kind of help that didn’t question just why I wanted the seat there and just why I wanted to put the brushwood fencing on the gate to disguise the mess beyond it and did I really need those big heavy pavers moved.  Although in the end even James had to admit that it was a really nice area and as soon as I train the Climbing Black Boy roses to cover the top of this little area it will be very nice and shady.

He didn’t think that I should bring my spinning out here though as he thought I may forget to pick him up from school or get distracted by the garden and not get any spinning done.

We have now decided that at the sides of the little “path” to the seat that we will plant agapanthus in clumps and the rest of the area will be well mulched so that the “Snow in Summer” ground cover that is surviving under both rose bushes will spread and give us  pretty silvery grey foliage with delicate white flowers.

My Manly Garden Help also donned ear muffs and used his muscles to push the lawn mover today to clean up the edges while I mowed the rest with the tractor so at least the lawn/weeds look tidy for another week.

Just think how much I could get done in the garden if I had this kind of help every day.  Pity it only happens when he needs to pay of the new game he bought for his Nintendo DS….sigh.

Weedingly  Yours,

The Weary Gardeners

PS – I have been playing with more dyes and particularly plant based dyes and did dye some wool today with the same Black Boy Roses you see in the photo.  Photos and a blog post soon.  Just got to get over the holidays and the local show which is this weekend.  Schools back next week – crossing fingers that life will go back to normal – whatever normal is.


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