Jelly Beans, Jelly and Crepe Paper

There’s still not a lot happening around my household this holidays unless you count the rather steady rain we have been having today which is wonderful and wet and just what the doctor ordered for the garden and my newly transplanted agapanthus and trees.

Tomorrow I’m off to Cohuna, which is a little over an hours drive away, to spend time with the Cohuna Spinners and Weavers group. Lyn, the lady I bought my two spinning wheels from and who has been an absolute mine of information and support as I navigate my way though the mysteries of spinning, has invited me to join in the fun of a Dyeing day and to meet the ladies.  I can’t wait.

My six skeins of wool (four commerical wool and two hand spun alpaca) are ready as are the camping stove, pot, colender, glad wrap etc.  Best of all I have packed – according to instructions – jelly beans, jelly (think Aeroplane Jelly crystals in stunning shades of blue, port wine and lime green) and crepe paper all ready to use to dye my wool.  The mind boggles at what may result  and James is outraged that I’m going to “waste”, his words not mine, jelly beans on dyeing wool and has asked that he be allowed to eat any jelly beans that are left. I didn’t want to tell him that there probably won’t be any left…vbg.

I have spent some of  today making Christmas cakes – it was the weather for filling the house with the delightful fragrance a baking Christmas cake gives off – one for us and one for Lyn to thank her for all her help.  Ashley and the kids have to fend for themselves tomorrow and I haven’t even left any food prepared for them……shhh don’t tell them.  Ashley was supposed to be racing at Sea Lake but with the amount of rain they have had this past week the race has been cancelled. I know I shouldn’t be happy – but I am.  I would much rather he be home with the kids than racing when I can’t be there with him.  I’m sure he doesn’t have any worries about me driving to Cohuna and back – but then I am on a sealed road – not whipping around corners and dodging trees at a great rate of knots.

I hope all those who are needing the rain are getting it in bucket loads. I heard on the news tonight that New Zealand is getting some of the dust from the dust storm that occurred in various parts of Australia.  Lucky them – they can send it back if they like – I’m sure the farmers need their top soil.

Right off to double check I have everything including the camera and the CD of   “Mammia Mia” so I can sing along to my hearts content as I drive and without the kids complaining….vbg.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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