School Holidays

I would like to say we have achieved lots in the few days since the holidays started but the truth is we haven’t.

Saturday was the Bendigo Shopping day.  I did manage to get some wool and a t-shirt for myself before the cries of “Are you done yet?” were reverberating in my ears from the three girls.  Strangely enough whenever I asked if they had seen enough they all ignored me!!  My girls especially did lots of shopping – mainly jewelry but also some clothes as well and shoes of course.

Sunday morning I woke up to a cold which has seen me retreat back to bed on several occasions both on Sunday and Monday.  After a really, really long sleep in I feel much better today to the point I took all three children down the street to the op shops for a bit of retail therapy.  Yes I know I’m cheap…vbg.

We managed to find three dress patterns that are suitably 70’s in style to make for Ashley’s 40th which is next year plus a couple of sheets to make the dresses in.  Elise’s sheet is a really stunning orange stripe (you will see her coming a mile off) and Nicola’s was a mauve and white pattern.  Nicola found some books – as always and James a card game that he tells me for the bus so he has something to do but I’m not sure when it’s going to migrate down there.

Our major find of the day was three pairs of wedge heeled shoes that fit both girls and myself – again for the party.  I will probably end up with a broken ankle by the end of the night – but in the name of fun, fashion and themed birthday parties I’m willing to try anything….vbg.

No photos have been taken.  Computer time has been limited.  Housework is a long forgotten necessity. The washing has been done only because they all started complaining that they were running out of clothes – something that will never happen anytime soon.  The garden is sort of weeded and there are no biscuits or cake for morning or afternoon tea.  A normal school hols I feel.  The bonus of the holidays was the rain that feel last night -according to Mum 3/4 of an inch.


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