Country Style Chicken

If you are like me then the school holidays will be starting this afternoon at 2.30 pm.  You won’t feel like cooking and with the sun shining and after the tiny bit of rain we had last night you will feel far more like being outside and gardening or spinning than being inside slaving over a hot stove.

It’s ok – I have a solution.  Country Style Chicken Casserole.

This is super easy, fast, tasty, cheap if you use chicken legs rather than fillets and it can be done in either the oven or the crock pot.

Country Style Chicken

1 cup chopped celery

2 onions diced

2 diced carrots

3 bacon rashers chopped

4 skinless chicken fillets

1/4 cup plain flour

2 tablespoons butter

1 can cream of celery soup

1/3 cup water

pinch mixed herbs

Coat chicken in flour and fry in half the butter until brown.  Transfer to crock pot or casserole dish

In remaining butter fry bacon, onion, celery and carrot then add soup, herbs and water and bring to boil.  Pour over chicken and cook moderate oven until done.

Now here’s where the Lazy Catherine Method comes in….vbg

If you are like me and super slack and have a million better things to do rather than cook then throw the whole lot in the crock pot (forget about the frying stuff in the frying pan), nestle in some chicken legs (cause they are cheap and were on special this week) and cook for about 6 hours on medium. I pull out the legs just before serving, shred the meat off them and mix it back into the vegies – it only takes a couple of minutes and if you are careful you won’t even burn your fingers.  I also add a heap of chunky potatoes to make it go further – this way it feeds my family of five and there is even enough for someone to have a second helping.  The dogs were not pleased I might add as they were hoping for the leftovers.

Don’t add the 1/3  cup of water though if you are using the crock pot otherwise you will have a soupy consistancy in your casserole.  If you do just serve with slices of crusty bread to mop up the gravy.

Hope everyones weekend is a good one. I’m off to Bendigo tomorrow with three teenage girls to go shopping…..ekkkkk.  As I have the keys and the car looks like they will be going where I want to go and not where they want to go….evil grin.  As if!!!


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