Duck Anyone???

For the past couple of  seasons we have had a pair of wild ducks on our dam.  They wander through the orchard, raid the chook pen for pellets and just generally mind their own business.  One year we even thought there was ducklings after a chance sighting of them – but alas I think something got to them and they were never seen again.

This year our ducks have decided that they are a wing flap above swimming in a common dam and have migrated to the pool.

I’m not sure if it is  it the crystal clear water that attracts them.  The fact they can see their feet as they swim may also be the reason or just that they “want to be up with the Jones” when it comes to the latest in swimming spots.

Either way we are enjoying them as they can be seen swimming quite happily or sunning themselves on the edge of the pool from the lounge room window.

We don’t feed them at all as I feel that wild life can live quite well on what they find in nature without human intervention.  Of late they have become even bolder and I have seen them from around 5.30 pm onwards wandering around my garden crunching on bugs and snails and whatever else they can find.  While they will never be tame (and I wouldn’t want them to be) they are becoming used to us so long as we are quiet and don’t get any closer than about six feet.  Photographs are acceptable however and they quack quietly at me as I take yet another shot of them.  I think they think they are perhaps the latest in fashion models for the duck world…..roflmol.


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