In Between Sleeping…

…there has been lots of frantic activity happening around here.

I have drunk lots of cups of tea, in between working with Ashley and trying to keep up with the housework etc.

I did manage to get several ufo’s finished.

Some beautiful “shiraz” coloured merino wool has been spun – think of a fine red wine and you will get the idea of the colour.  Yumm. It’s now been plyed with a lovely silver corridale wool and Elise has claimed all of it for a scarf for herself. The photo really doesn’t do it justice and trust me it’s more red than the purple it appears here.

A Crochet bag that I have been working on for some time has been finished and lined. I’m still to use it though.  The pattern is the Starling Bag by Future Girl.  A wonderful and easy pattern. Just follow her step by step tutorials for those bits of crochet you don’t understand…..I did….vbg.  The link will take you to all Future Girls free downloads.

Wanting (and desperately needing to use up some of my wool stash – after all I should be honest about my wool addiction) I knitted up this bag using a skein of mixed wools I bought in spotlight some time ago.  For the price I paid I could have made up the skein from my own left overs – but the colours were too nice to ignore and my will power just wasn’t that good.  It’s a fabulous size and I knitted I-cord (a super easy tutorial is here) for the handles using 8 ply wool and small needles to make them quite firm.  They are stretched a bit but not so much that they are now too long or look misshappen.

I’m also in the process of knitting up another scarf using some more hand spun wool.  One of my earlier efforts so it’s not exactly even in size – I’m telling myself that the thick and thin look was what I was going for.  I’m using Turkish stitch for the pattern – super easy and super quick – I’m hooked on it.

I have been gardening too in the few free moments I have had.  Nearly had a heart attack the other day. I was on my hands and knees weeding in weeds that were well over my head when I heard a rustling sound very close by.  I kept telling myself it was too early for snakes. It was – it was Milly who decided she should investigate just what Mum was up to……sigh.  Lots of mulching has taken place.  Check out the big pile of branches etc at the back of the photo – they have all been mulched and are slowly being spread on the garden which is, thanks to no rain and impossibly hot and windy weather yesterday, drying out rapidly.

I have had painters here for two days last week as well.  Elise’s room now has a lovely fresh coat of paint on every surface. The dressing table is still in the old colour scheme – the walls are the new. Now for Ashley to find time to put in a new ceiling fan and some down lights and that room will be complete. I also had two walls in the kitchen repainted cream which has brightened it up enormously.

Elise has been busy in the shed today working on her wood working project for school.  As she still has her thumb bandaged and with little or no movement in it – her teacher decided that it would be ok for her to complete her assignment at home with Dad’s help.  She has (in between waiting for glue to dry) been sanding down a table for me that she promised I would have last Christmas.  There’s nothing like a long anticipated Christmas present….vbg.

Ashley in the mean time has been working incredibly long hours at work and in what little spare time he has had has been working on his race car. A new engine has been put in it and now it’s a case of getting the computer part to work…..which is proving to be a long and very frustrating job.

Possibly the best news of the past hectic month is that plans are in progress for renovating the office, sewing room and rumpus room.  The office will be enlarged taking over what is now my sewing room and completely rearranged with new cupboards, benches and filing cabinets.   The rumpus room will be no more but instead will be used as my sewing room with proper built in benches, all at the right height and with plenty of large drawers under neath them for storing all those little essentials like fabric etc.  There will be floor to ceiling shelving in one corner and the gammill is going to sit on a rolling cabinet (I hope) so it can be rolled back against the wall when not in use giving me more room. Plus it will have drawers underneath it for more storage.   Also a window is to be installed in the rumpus room so there will be plenty of natural light.  I can’t wait.  Paint colours are tentatively chosen and the painter warned advised that there will be plenty of work for him.  Now just to wait for the builder who is just as busy as Ashley but has promised that he will get around to it.  Just not sure which year he means…vbg.


4 thoughts on “In Between Sleeping…

  1. Fantastic post, you have been busy. Love the colour in Elise’s room. I need to hire a painter as there is a ton of work to do around the house and we never seem to get around to it.

    The bags are lovely and I’m quite impressed with the yarn that has been spun.

    It’s been dry around here as well but I’ve given up on the garden this year. To tell the truth I gave up on it about half-way through the year, big sigh. Better luck with yours for sure.

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